Double Think on Disease-

From my good friend Darol Dickinson, on “food safety”, and the like….

“Our federal protectors worry about our food safety, ID tracing, inspections, and enforcements. However, interestingly enough, over 20 million large game animals will be bullet riddled this year, field dressed, some packed horseback many miles, some slid on the ground by hand, through water, mud, dust and dirt. None will have ID tracing. Some will be hauled by boat, truck, or plane. Consumable venison will be transported in hot air, rain, snow, dust, and heavy carbon emissions. This food product will be cut and stored by amateurs, paid processors and consumed by families and around camp fires. Not one case of E.coli, food poisoning or major sickness will be reported or considered.

Yet, professional USDA inspected meat product is sickening thousands of people. Can it be the result of vast billions the governments receive from hunting licenses? And almost equal, confiscations and enforcements from laws broken during hunting?

Numerous diseases of concern are rampant in wild game herds. However, these diseases do NOT cause human health issues of any concern to the feds. Hunting season goes on. Do our governments have numerous different standards?”

Now we really don’t want to give them any ideas, but sheesh, if they would even try to control brucellosis in the elk, deer and bison hers in the Yellowstone area, we could feel a little more magnanimous towards them…maybe.


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