Show Me the Bunny! -Protest Against USDA’s Hare Raising Tyranny-

Uncle Sam Destroying Agriculture has been on a rampage in Missouri.  First they accosted a magician for failing to have proper license and registration of the rabbit he pulled out of his hat to entertain children. I wish this weren’t true, but you just can’t make this stuff up! He is supposed to have a license to “exhibit” his rabbit, and be inspected by APHIS to make sure that he is properly tending to the needs of his show bunny….And then, in their opus of insanity, they have assessed a $90,643 dollar fine for grossing about $200 in profits from rabbit sales. What’s more, if they fail to pay this insane fine, they will have their fine raised to $4,000,000! You can read a very detailed and excellent article about this here.

This is all under the AWA (Animal Welfare Act) and the regulations the USDA has written to empower themselves to justify their continued existence and capacity to squash people’s ability to make inroads in agriculture. It is nothing less than tyranny when an agent of the Federal government threatens to “make an example” out of a couple for selling a few bunny rabbits. No one was harmed by the rabbits, no diseases were spread, some of them may have ended up in the stew pot or food chain anyway because, like it or not, rabbits are made out of meat….and they breed like rabbits.

We Are Change (of Branson, Missouri) is putting on a protest outside the USDA offices in Ozark, Missouri on Wednesday, May 25th from 3-5pm.

We have a war against farms in this country, and it is being waged with your money by agencies who supposedly have a mission to protect and promote agriculture and food. The heads of these agencies, the FDA and the USDA (whom I refer to as the Food Destruction Agency and Uncle Sam Destroying Agriculture) have taken oaths to uphold the Constitution…..HA! The FDA spent a year and half doing a sting on an Amish farmer for selling his milk to individuals wishing to buy it for their own use. NO ONE ever became ill, but that is irrelevant. They claim authority over private transactions and are willing to spend your money to show how strong they are. The sting on Dan Allgyer prompted a protest in DC complete with a cow. Over 400 people showed up there to support common sense over bureaucratic insanity.

Governor Nixon and Attorney General Koster have done nothing ovr the course of the past several years to protect Missourians against overreaching Federal agencies. Koster has sued Morningland Dairy on behalf of the FDA, and put them virtually out of business. He also has supported a suit against Armand Bechard for trying to make a profit from his labor by selling his highly desirable grass fed cow milk to private parties interested in purchasing it. Now, in two instances with bunny rabbits, involving NO interstate commerce of any sort, both Koster and Nixon have done nothing to constrain the USDA from persecuting Citizens of Missouri. Jurisdiction is important, and it seems like these two politicians don’t understand this thing about borders very well.

Please, if you possibly can, come to this protest in Ozark, Missouri. We should make an example out of the USDA and their Mafia style tactics with the citizens of this country. Go here for directions. I’m planning on being there….and I might just take a few rabbits just to raise the hares on the USDA’s collectivist neck. I’ve had all I can stand, and I can’t stand no more!


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  1. Glenn Kirby
    May 25, 2011 @ 07:28:50

    Our Goverment is becoming more stupid ever day. It is no wonder we have to relie on food stamps and government aid. We need to vote all the pollitations out and start with someone that knows what a farmer that is struggling is.


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