Missouri has 3, count them THREE Cannabis Initiatives on the Ballot…And other things

So, in just a couple of days, Missouri will definitely pass some kind of initiative on cannabis. Marijuana for those who are unfamiliar with the history of the term.

Just an fyi for those who don’t know; the entire propaganda piece of “reefer madness” was predicated upon conflating racial issues with terminology. Everyone knew what “hemp” and cannabis were, but applying the idiomatic Mexican phrase of “marijuana” to the plant enabled the people pushing to keep cannabis from being used for health, wealth, and national security,  into a position of control over the dialogue.

Rest assured, not one of these initiatives will do anything to enable people to get “high” without the potential of legal  and severe monetary consequences.

Edited to add, that if anyone in my household were to come down with cancer, we would leaving Missouri and going to Colorado to begin treatments. And I know of several parents with children having leukemia and seizures who have had to leave Missouri to treat their child with effective types and applications of cannabis. It’s very, very sad that not one of these proposals will allow people to take control of their own health and the health of their loved ones. It’s actually heart breaking.

The initiative getting the largest amount of “airtime” is the biggest pile of manure that pretends to be helpful and will harm, hamper and probably actually cause loss of life. That is Amendment 3. It is being put forth by “Doctor and Lawyer: Brad Bradshaw. ” Notably, this amendment allows for a less than certain dosage to be available for people dying from cancer as the maximum allowable amount of cannabis. Again, for people who haven’t studied it out, to cure cancer, a person needs to have a POUND of flower reduced to oil in a month. Not the 3 ounces per month allowed by Amendment 3. It’s enough to make a person feel better without being able to actually heal them of the problem. In simple terms, enough to keep you happily sick and under the care of an industry that is not interested in curing you.

Just take a minute and think of all the people you know who have been diagnosed with cancer…Then take a moment to think about those you have lost to cancer. Is a “Constitutional amendment” that prevents you from doing what is right, normal and caring, worth sacrificing nearly all future cannabis patients over? You “can” if you you have successfully jumped through all the bureaucratic hoops set up by this 49 page amendment to the Missouri Constitution…AND if it is one of the ten of 700 to 1000 diseases deemed by the amendment to have been successfully treated by cannabis.

Actually, I don’t think anything more evil than Amendment 3 has been put forward as a “positive” solution for the well being of citizens ever. In any State. And even more repugnant, Amendment 3 pretends to give Missourians a payment to accept the unnecessary death or disability of their loved ones.

Sorry, but as a person who used to think that cannabis just helped people who were suffering from cancer “feel better” and then having become more thoroughly educated, I can’t see how it is even remotely beneficial to “allow” via a 49 page Constitutional Amendment, the right to be able to feel better while you die. Or for me, and most people, while your loved one dies an unnecessary death.  Because the Constitutional Amendment will not allow you to access a therapeutic dose. It will allow you to feel better…NOT to be healed. Yes, a pound is an awful lot, but to cure cancer, that’s what it takes. Maybe even a couple of pounds.

Oh, and a fifteen percent tax to anyone allowed to purchase cannabis from a licensed dispensary from licensed growers, AFTER they have exhausted all pharmaceutical potentials, which usually fail in 7 years time, will be used to set up and pay an “advisory” board to continue to “think about and study” uses for a plant that the Creator put here for our healing!!!

Disgust doesn’t begin to summarize my thoughts on Amendment 3. Nothing could be more repugnant to those who value life than this almost 50 page monstrosity that will be up for a vote on November 6, 2018. So…You decide. Is $10 a year back worth the death of someone you love? There’s Amendment 3. Killing people softly while pretending to do good.

Amendment 2 is much less heinous than Amendment 3. But it still does many of the same things. It does allow for home grow, IF you have exhausted all pharmaceutical efforts and have one of the 10 conditions set forth…10. Out of at least 1,000 conditions positively treated via documented studies. 0ne tenth of health issues are actually ensconced in the Missouri Constitution by this amendment. Read that properly…Point .1000000 of conditions treated by studies.

In it’s favor, Amendment 2 is only 14 pages long. And it commits 4% of tax revenue from the allowable cannabis sales to go to Veteran’s Services. But the impediments to treatment have the same exhaustive and time sensitive issues as does Amendment 3.  It also does not decriminalize cannabis, but qualifies some usage, and allows for 4 plants to be grown by those dying from the denial of effective treatment by cannabis.

Then there is the issue that both Amendment 2 and Amendment 3 could both pass as they are allowed to pass both at once. So then we have 2 Constitutional Amendments that conflict with each other, both of which inhibit individual access and personal accountability, ensconced in the Constitution only to be reconciled in court.

Just want to point out that the reconciliation itself can take 5 years. How many people lose their lives in that time frame?

Too many.

Entirely too many.

Then there is Prop C.

This is NOT a permanent amendment, so easier to change, but it isn’t without issues.  The biggest positive is that it is not a permanent amendment to the Constitution. And that has issues as well. It does nothing to guarantee the rights endowed by the Creator to His creation the right to access herbs He said were good. It does allow for the treatment of 10 diseases, out of thousands. And it presents less difficult hoops to jump through for people literally dying from lack of the Nutraceuticals available in cannabis. 10 diseases of thousands with peer reviewed studies. Thousands, mind you.

So, if you know someone with Lyme disease, or diabetes, they can’t have this. Not under the “laws” prescribed by the initiatives.

From where I am sitting, as a person who has actually studied out cannabis and who has ZERO benefit in the continued prohibition or qualified access to this plant, I have to dice it this way. A “law” even though it is insufficient, is easier to fix than a Constitutional Amendment.

So I am against all of the initiatives. Why? Because every single one of them removes your ability to take care of yourself and places that primary human right directly into the hands of regulators and “lawmakers”.

And I am pro cannabis. By default, I am also pro people and pro life. Politically, the Federal government will have no choice but to deschedule cannabis completely within the next year or two. And I am not for people getting stoned and driving or giving cannabis to kids for any purpose other than medical reasons. I do believe that adults should have the right to enjoy it in the privacy of their own homes for recreational purposes.

Too many have heard of and witnessed the positive effects of Rick Simpson Oil. Too many have seen the positive life enhancements and positive environmental effects..”What IF Cannabis Cured Cancer?” And of course, What we could do with Hemp!

People fail to comprehend that cannabis sativa is actually…Hemp…It also will get you high, but not as what we describe as “hemp”.

It is better to wait for righteousness than to agree to tyranny because we fail to trust in the truth. Missouri is better off holding to the Truth and waiting for the truth to prevail than to assent to severely constricted rights to eat something as helpful as echinacea.

Hemp seed, the flowers of which are not capable of intoxicating anyone, but are a perfect fatty acid food. Hemp seed itself can heal heart disease (actual) and high cholesterol (really made up since the discovery that statins)  plus, they taste good.

Anyway, it seems clear that Missouri will do something on medical cannabis. What we do…may be entirely up to you.

All three of these measures could pass. And that would guarantee a couple of years in court at minimum.

They all require greater than 55% to be considered “pass” and they are all single line issues.For example, Amendment 3 gets a “pass” at 55% of vote, and Amendment 2 gets “pass” at 55% of vote. Then Prop C gets “pass” at 55%…and 2 Constitutional Amendments and a law are in conflict.

In the interim, maybe it’s your child…or maybe your spouse?… that dies because things weren’t clear in all the conflicting statutes and amendments.

That is beyond unjust. You “have the right to try”…QUALIFIER>>> if you have exhausted all pharmaceutical attempts at reconciling your problem.

So, Missouri could have 2 Constitutional Amendments that conflict with each other pass on the ballot;  along with a law that conflicts. It’s a perfect storm of confusion.

From my point of view, it’s better to have no law than to have a bad law that needs to be corrected. Having participated in the attempt to get good and positive legislation passed to thwart a regulatory approach that was and IS harmful…It’s better to have nothing than to have “something” just because. To me, a Constitutional amendment regarding cannabis shouldn’t try to regulate via the Constitution. It should just make it free and legal and courts and legislatures could weigh in appropriately at the point of commerce.

Here are several less opinionated articles on the subject. Bottom line is that YOU have to decide.  For me, I am voting “no” on all of them. But only once..:)




Your thoughts are always welcome…

If you do nothing nothing else, please watch “Run from the Cure” which is the story of healing pioneer Rick Simpson and his rediscovery of the healing properties of cannabis oil.






10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Debra
    Oct 31, 2018 @ 08:14:54

    Have to agree with you 100%. I often just send the uninformed a link to Jack Herer’s book and hope they read it and find out why cannabis/hemp was REALLY criminalized in this country. It’s a disgrace. I like to point out chapter 4 as being particularly edifying. https://jackherer.com/emperor-3/


    • truthfarmer
      Oct 31, 2018 @ 15:12:51

      Thanks for that link! Hopefully people who have not already studied this subject out previously will do so before they are asked to change the Constitution.


    • Joe Tyttinger
      Oct 31, 2018 @ 18:17:37

      I think it was just “taxed” at first, not criminalized. It was the (Satanic) United Nations, “drug schedule”, that we agreed to, by treaty, in the 60’s, that set the stage for Richard Nixon’s, overtly unconstitutional war on drugs and it’s criminalization.

      A pretty damn alarming observation that in the “land of the free” that the criminals that run our government “criminalize”, when we, their bosses, and the sovereigns of this county, exercise any one of a number of our God given rights.

      They (politicans, judges, cops, others) could be charged and imprisoned under USC title 18 sections 241 & 242. Don’t hold your breath though…



      • Debra
        Oct 31, 2018 @ 21:42:21

        Yes, indeed, they did try to tax them out business at first with a ridiculous tax. Failing that they put together a propaganda story that would be comical (and IS if you ever saw Reefer Madness) if it wasn’t so odious, tyrannical and designed to stomp on those very god given rights you mention about the free exercise of what to do with your own life. If it was, say, the chamomile plant they treated this way because it made people “drowsy….and let’s add violent, slutty and psychotic in there as well”, people would laugh until a couple of generations of effective brainwashing elapsed. But chamomile wasn’t a threat because it didn’t have hundreds of other uses (except maybe a dye).

  2. Joe Tyttinger
    Oct 31, 2018 @ 18:00:31

    Thanks for a well thought out piece D.
    The cynic in me had already assumed that the psychopaths in Jeff city that we euphemistically refer to as “government” would try to pee on our legs while earnestly trying to convince us that it was raining. Looks like my cynicism was well founded as it usually is when it comes to “guberment”.

    All this is, is thinly veiled eugenics, coupled with blasphemy (they think that our rights come from them). Nothing more than what these miscreants do 99% of the time when they “legislate”. That is to trample and urinate on the very God given rights, that they should be protecting, while acting as if they were God almighty himself. The pope could take a lesson or 2 from the Jeff city psychopaths on impersonating God.


  3. sypsalm37
    Oct 31, 2018 @ 18:08:42

    Thank you for this article. I have also just woken up to the benefits of CBD oil for all these ailments that so many are experiencing. We all have been indoctrinated that cannabis, hemp is so bad for us and that the pharma drugs and Big Pharma has our best interests at heart. I thank the Lord for opening my eyes to the truth. I am going to be sounding the alarm and trying to wake others up to the truth!


    • truthfarmer
      Nov 01, 2018 @ 05:52:41

      Thanks for the comments and for spreading the word! CBD oil, made from the whole hemp plant is phenomenal for many things. Migraines, high blood pressure, seizures, anxiety, and a plethora of other things. And totally non-psychoactive. But it still comes from cannabis! lol.


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  5. Joe Tyttinger
    Oct 31, 2018 @ 18:49:49

    I fail (again) to comprehend, how the benefits (or non-benefits) of this or any other substance has anything at all to with the God given rights that I hold, and my free exercise of them.

    It just goes to show, me at least, the depths of the dumbing down of Americans in that this (our rights), the most central issue, the elephant in the room, is consistently not even acknowledged.

    I don’t mean to be condescending, but I am constantly reminded of the movie “Idiocracy” when ever I discuss most anything with my fellow Americans. I am dealing with individuals that have not only failed to connect the dots, they have not even seen them yet.



  6. MsPony65
    Nov 04, 2018 @ 09:31:57

    Thanks so much, Doreen. I did not realize the pitfalls of Prop C, and after reading your article, I have decided to vote a big fat NO to all three.

    In fact, I am pretty much voting NO to all the amendments and props. Also voting out that senator whose name shall not be mentioned.

    — Pony


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