Do NOT take the Vaccine…According to THE Leading Vaxx Designer on Earth

If you didn’t know, even Word Press is engaging in cancel culture. So I am loathe to post things. The technocracy coming after us is insane.

This is a MUST see and digest video, and this man Geert Vander Bossche, has laid his reputation and career flatly on the line to extend this serious warning. Watch it. Take notes. Watch Dr Tenpenny on this as well.

And you will not find it on You Tube.

Here is a video from another doctor on the serious concerns with these Covid vaccines. It is more clear to lay people what the issues for such deep concern with this are:

And finally, Dr Tenpenny, who should be fairly well known among readers of this blog. This is about 25 minutes as well. Very accessible for people without serious scientific background:


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