Patience with the Process

After creating a blog and failing to post to it immediately, I had to create another blog as it wouldn’t allow me to post to the first one I created. I find technology to be rather infuriating. I’m much more of a duct tape and hammers type of person than the hacker my son seems to think I could be simply because I can type fairly quickly.

My hope is to be able to convey both information and insight into the topics I post on here. My main concern is what is happening to the country I so dearly love and the mechanisms involved in it’s destruction, or perhaps more appropriately, dissolution. Why? Because despite the cynicism that develops as an adjunct of knowledge, it is the idealist that brings change through adherence to principles and morals. There is an order and beauty to the world that God Almighty created, and without recognition of His authority and design parameters we are swinging blindly at problems we don’t fully comprehend. In other words, we just think we’re smart, but we are really no better than kids trying to open the pinata.

Please be patient with me as I try to flounder through the technological handicaps I possess as I learn this system. And thank you for stopping by………


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