HR 2749 and some of the problems with it

On today’s radio show, despite all the ridiculous technical problems, Marti Oakley got through a lot of HR 2749, and we touched on a few other pet peeves in the process. this bill is slated to be on the floor of Congress this week! Call your Congressman and let them know they must vote against it, or face peril…..Or something like that.

Here are some links important in understanding this legislation…..from Marti!

USDA defines “What is a farm” and goes on to define who is the operator and

The FDA defines what a farm is. Use the forward and backward buttons to view all definitions.

US code 21 ….(6) Manufacturing/processing means making food from one or more ingredients, or synthesizing, preparing, treating, modifying or manipulating food, including food crops or ingredients. Examples of manufacturing/processing activities are cutting, peeling, trimming, washing, waxing, eviscerating, rendering, cooking, baking, freezing, cooling, pasteurizing, homogenizing, mixing, formulating, bottling, milling, grinding, extracting juice, distilling, labeling, or packaging.

The above excerpt language is reflected in every bill presented and expanded to include EVERY person, or entity of any kind or size that engages in any of these activities. The only exception under HR 2749 is IF you plant, grow and harvest then process and consume the food yourself. IF you purchase ANY ingredient from any other source of any kind whatsoever…….you must register your property, pay the 500 fee and submit to FDA intrusion.

Report on the dysfunction of FDA……subcommittee

A PR website that promotes cloning rather than biodiversity.

An article on FDA approving cloned meat and milk without adequate studies.

This is a must read site for finding out who is behind the push to pass all these unconstitutional laws and implementing full compliance with Codex. BIO is the association of bio-piracy companies around the world who work to revise laws and international regulations to suit corporate needs. If you wonder how congress comes up with the invasive and oppressive language and intent of legislation meant to usurp US laws and constitutional rights…..these are the people who orchestrate all of it. Codex is simply a corporate agenda operating under the guise of humanitarian efforts and fully supported by the UN

Current code that would be wiped out if Codex is passed thru HR 2749


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