Truth Farmer Radio Show 10/24

I have been terribly neglectful in working this blog, and am going to try to make a much more serious effort at keeping this up to date….In that spirit, I want to let everyone know that today, October 24th, 2009, I will be having Pastor Glenn Guest visit about the times and troubles we currently have in this lovely surveillance society we are engaged in.

Pastor Guest is a tremendous inspiration. You can read his book for FREE online at his website:

I have done so, and it is no surprise that the same MO is being used to push all of these things upon us.

You can listen to the show online:

You can also have your non internet friends listen live through the call in number:


And if you want to call in to make a comment or ask a question the number is:


I am terrifically happy with this network! It loads quickly and people with dial up (slow dial up, that is!) have no problem listening on line. They also have the shows available as archives very soon after the show is done, so if you missed it, you can download and listen to it at a convenient time! I am thrilled and couldn’t be more pleased with the mechanics of the network. They also have several radio station affiliates, and if you look at the site and don’t see your local talk radio station listed, you should give them a ring and let them know they are missing a great opportunity to carry shows that CAN make a difference!!!

If you’d be interested in sponsoring “Truth Farmer” via an ad for your business or organization, please feel free to contact me via email at…..Thanks!!!


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