Consolidation GMO’s and Food Control–The Theater we are in

Please go to the Center for Responsible Technology and download the non-GMO shopping guide. Jeffrey Smith has done the most work on this and you can benefit from the tremendous amount of work he has done. I don’t agree with him that the Obama Administration is going to ‘do the right thing’ with labeling, or constraint of market control on ag at all—But his work is STILL the best out there. So get the Non GMO shopping guide at the bottom of the linked page.

Also, please support my weekly radio show. As you can tell from reading my blog, I am much more comfortable with duct tape and hammers than internet technology, but that lack of ability in techno crud doesn’t stop me from being able to access information and process it….it just stops me from being able to disseminate that information as well as I would like. I’m going to continue to try to get the info out there, but I’m a little needy and need to know that people are getting it. So please listen to the show when you can and call in with your thoughts from time to time. Here’s the link to my most recent broadcast of Truth Farmer on Liberty News Radio

Tomorrow morning from 8-9 Central I will be on Republic Broadcasting networks Capitol Forum, and Monday at 8pm Central I will be on Devvy Kidd’s show.

I do this stuff full time for free—all in the hope that we may continue to be able to eat and to stand in the gap so that tyrranny has a harder time bringing us to their Brave New World. I like my Brave New World better as fiction. How about you?


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