Something Happening Here…..

And what it is, is pretty durn clear. If you’ll read the posts below, you will see a concerted effort to shut down raw dairy distribution of any variety. And if you’ll go to News With Views, and read the articles, you will get all the click through links to the documents substantiating my claim.

The past month has been very, very busy here. Not with things I really -want- to do, but with a lot of fighting for facts and answers from the actions against farmers and food clubs across this country.

As most of you know, I have a radio show on Liberty News Radio every Saturday from 10-11am Central time. September 18th is going to be the last show for Truth Farmer on Liberty News Radio. It’s going to be one of the deep educational type shows on One World One Health, which is a trademark of the World Conservation Society, and a full fusion global initiative to form and transform all areas of health. And I mean all. It is the interface for human, animal and environmental health. I will have a guest on who is very adept at finding the ‘processes’ that governments use to push these global initiatives without any actual legislative authority. It will be a show that you will want to download and listen to more than once or twice so you get the full effect and procedures of this global initiative that will be de facto law in the not too distant future.

The reason(s) I am giving the show up are that I am simply needed more at home, and I usually spend 8-10 hours on prep for the show, so that time will now go to my children and their schooling. I might even try to make cookies for them twice a month! For five years I have been more than a full time unpaid ag-tivist, and I often wonder exactly how that feels for the children. I’ve spoken with the sixteen year old in depth about it, and she tells me “I know it’s necessary, but it is really kinda weird.” The 18 year old is more pragmatic, “If you got paid it would make more sense, but I guess someone has to do it, and you seem to be good at it…You know we’re proud of you, right?” And the little one just wants cookies and more play time.

So what I am definitely going to do is be a regular guest on at least three radio shows that have much larger audiences than I could ever get doing a one hour a week show on the weekend. This will reach more people with this important information and allow me to use my time more efficiently. For the past three months I have been doing a regular once a month slot on The Power Hour every second Monday at 9am Central time. Beginning next month, I will be on Sam Bushman’s Liberty Round Table at 8am Central every first Monday of the month. I am also a regular on the Derry Brownfield Show, and I think we’re going to firm up a schedule on that soon, but that show is M-F at 10am Central.

Also, I will (Yah willing and the crick don’t rise) be writing more regularly for News With Views and continuing to participate on R-CALF USA’s Animal Id Committee, and will work with The Ozarks PRC and continue my work with the National Independent Consumer and Farmers Association as the Director of Research.

So I will still have plenty of volunteer work. If anyone wants to donate to my efforts, please send me an e-mail ( Every little bit helps, and prayer is greatly appreciated as well!


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  1. ericswan
    Sep 13, 2010 @ 09:02:21

    Next time you talk to Derry, please mention the term "agra gate": Believe it. This is an Iowa government carbon credit scam that needs to be exposed.


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