Morningland Dairy on KY3 Springfield Missouri

Yesterday, a reporter and crew from Channel 3 KY3 in Springfield went to Morningland and visited with Denise Dixon about the order to destroy issued by the Missouri Milk Board and the attempt to get a court order to destroy tht is in process by Missouri Atty General Koster.

Here is a link to the video:

KY3 Morningland Dairy 10/29/10

I am hoping that someone will put it up on youtube and get the video out there for all. It was a pretty fair job for sound bite short attention span theater mainstream media.But to be totally fair, it is very difficult to cover the ins and outs of the issue in less than 5 minutes. It’s great that they did this piece and that they didn’t slam either the State or Morningland in the final piece! Also, they said, “We’ll continue to follow this story”, so it definitely peaked their interest. Let’s keep it in the forefront and thank this television station for covering this tragedy.

Please copy the link and leave comments so they know their coverage of this story is appreciated!


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