What We Have to Look Forward to under S510

The following article illustrates what will be happening at an ever more alarming rate with food as the Food Destruction Agency (FDA) receives more authority under Senate Bill 510 which passed today in a slam dunk fashion……These are real people with real lives, not some Hollywood screenplay. The destruction of livelihood has serious effects. Don’t delude yourself. This can happen to you, too. Especially if you have products that actually are healthful. We cannot prosper under this regime.

Daniel Chapter One Bound and Gagged

By: Tricia Feijo

Source: Liberty News Radio


We cannot believe that the Federal judges who ordered Daniel Chapter One to comply with the FTC Order have read it, let alone studied the case. The FTC Order is an egregious afront to our unalienable rights under God as protected by the U.S. Constitution.

The Order goes way beyond advertising/marketing, and infringes on our right to free speech in any realm. THIS IS HIGHLY UN-NATURAL. Imagine a friend asks a question of you, to which you have the answer, but you must say “I am not allowed to tell you.” (What country are we in?!) The Lord gave us a healing ministry which we have devoted ourselves to for 27 years, and the U.S. Federal government has recently ordered us to stop.

Daniel Chapter One has never been charged with or found guilty of lying or harming anyone. We have helped thousands. All our information is true. The FTC does not contest that.

BUT THE FTC LIE, CHEAT, and STEAL! These are the facts:

1. LIES: The FTC made up statements and placed them in quotation marks, for example “7 Herb Formula cXXXX cXXXXX” (we are forbidden to use those last 2 words). Then they charged Daniel Chapter One with making the statements.

When we explained that we never said such a thing, the FTC said we “implied” it. All because of true testimonies, and structure/function information truthfully shared. (Jesus tells an account of a blind man healed after mud was applied to his eyes. The FTC would charge Jesus with implying “mud cures blindness.” Come to think of it, they did order Jesus to stop.)

The FTC said in a legal brief to the judges that Daniel Chapter One had “11 witnesses testify” at the hearing. A bold lie. They blocked all but a few of the people who came to Washington DC to testify. After the first day declaring that Daniel Chapter One is indeed a ministry, besides Jim and Tricia, Daniel Chapter One had only 3 witnesses (ARN general manager and 2 experts).

The FTC said “all” Daniel Chapter One had to do was state that we had not done clinical trials on our products and use stronger disclaimers. Judge Ginsburg asked, “Is that all?” FTC lawyer Daly then replied, “it would be a start.” Then that is not “all”, is it. . .

2. CHEAT: The FTC design things so that they cannot lose, no matter how unjust. First they held a hearing in a mock-court, a Star Chamber, with FTC lawyers, an FTC judge, and FTC Commissioners.

The FTC held Daniel Chapter One dietary supplements to the FDA standard for chemical drugs, demanding double-blind placebo-controlled studies. This is an impossible obstacle, an unfair advantage they are fully aware of. One such study can cost $100 million dollars.

The FTC pretend that “reasonable consumers” think a dietary supplement has been put through such clinical trials. They protest testimonials, although there is NO LAW against true testimonials, nor is there any law saying that an herbal or nutritional supplement or food must go through double-blind placebo-controlled studies.

3. STEAL: Under the false pretense of protecting you, the FTC says that “consumers” cannot know the difference between placebo or a product that “really works”. Thus they take it upon themselves to rob you of your right to information, your right to choice, your right to decide for yourself what you take in times of sickness and in health.

And with that the FTC and the Pharmaceutical companies are laughing all the way to the bank.


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