The Definition of Insanity….and Desperation

©Doreen Hannes

As the Lame Duck Season ends in the US Capitol, several things become apparent. First is that we should have put the Lame Duck out of our misery. Not having done that, the most glaringly obvious thing is that we no longer have the semblance of a legitimate representative government left. At least not in any way that is meaningful.

It appears that we, as Citizens, are inclined to continue to do the same things, over and over again, hoping and praying that we can “take back our country” by calling, faxing, emailing, writing, reading, speaking and throwing the occasional coin in the wishing well. Guess what? It hasn’t worked.

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is one definition of insanity. It is also a sign of desperation.

No matter how many phone calls we’ve made, they’ve passed what we’ve called against. Obama Care, TARP, Food Safety, Real ID, the Patriot Act (again and again), NAFTA, CAFTA, SHAFTA, and everything else indecent, all “for our own good”. If it doesn’t make it through the Board Meeting that is Congress, we get it via Fiat, otherwise known as, Executive Order. It doesn’t matter what party it is that is in control. If it’s a goal of the global elite and necessary to break down the barriers of sovereignty, we’ll get it one way or another.

We now have a federal government with statutory authority to control everything you eat if you buy any part of it. We have a government that authorizes agencies to ‘touch your junk’, put you in preventive detention, read your mail, your email, and library history, listen to your phone calls, instruct your bank to “know their customer”, take your child’s DNA at birth, build “fusion centers” for re-education, control your land, your water, allow you to be guinea pigs without your knowledge or consent and more. And they keep us distracted by pitting Republicrats and Demicons against each other and getting us to call and plead for them to “please, please do the right thing” on this, that, or the other thing.

It’s so bad that I have the DC switchboard number memorized.

While I am not one for New Year Resolutions, I think it’s time that we resolve to quit wasting our time and energy on the Federal government.

Once the agencies have been authorized either via statute or Executive Order to exert their energy into a particular realm, they write regulations that we can spend energy commenting on and be handily ignored before they finalize the rule they just made. Like moving Plum Island to Kansas, and countless other issues.

All hope is not lost…Just almost lost. We have states where we can almost have a real effect, and the feds are truly dependent upon the states to enforce, enact, uphold, permit or otherwise carry out the federal initiatives, agendas, guidelines, standards or malarkey. State governments are smaller, and generally easier to hold accountable than the Federal government. For the most part, it doesn’t take an entire week away from home to directly interface with State representatives. Not that it is easy, but it is a lot easier to get to the state Capitol than to DC for almost everyone.

If we join together the various freedom oriented groups at the state level, be they Campaign for Liberty, Sovereignty Projects, Tenth Amendment Centers, Property Rights groups, Parental rights groups, Agriculture groups, Home School groups, or what have you, maybe, just maybe, there is a chance we can get some of the insanity headed our way from DC neutered, or at least constipated.

Since we have plenty of evidence of the direction the FDA and her sister agencies are going to go with “Food Safety”, I think it would be good to see if we can force the State legislators to publicly declare whether they think we have the right to decide for ourselves what we want to eat. To that end, I’ve pasted what is known as Model Legislation below…. A bill that should be easily and readily passed in any state that thinks their Citizenry is smart enough to choose their own food. Believe it or not, a bill that has no Corporation that can benefit from its passage at all.

If we are to be free, we must be able to eat, and we must be able to produce food and exchange that food for other useful items:

1.  The direct trade of any non-genetically engineered farm-produced goods or products exchanged within the state of (Missouri) shall not be subject to any state or local regulation.  No fees shall be imposed, licensure required, or regulations promulgated for farmers, ranchers, gardeners, or producers of any non-genetically modified food or feed items for direct trade, or for individuals procuring such goods for their own use.

2.  The provisions of this section shall not apply to gross negligence or criminal acts in the direct trade of farm-produced products exchanged within this state.

I am completely aware that this will not preserve all family farms, nor is it the entire answer to the nation’s ills, or the individual state problems, but it is certainly a step. It should allow some to continue on the land without implementing HACCP, NAIS for turnips or keeping three years of records that are subject to the HHS Secretary’s “opinion” of your product. It also brings to a head the issue of the Tenth Amendment.

It’s past time to take it to the bottom line. If States are supposed to do what ever the Federal government wants them to do, then why do we have State government at all?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lynn
    Dec 28, 2010 @ 02:28:30

    Thank you, Doreen, for your continued efforts to sound the alarm and give real help. Taking the fight back to the states does seem to be what we need to do. Will people get up and get involved? Only time will tell. The LORD God bless you and your family as you are such a blessing to all of us.


  2. Dann Tacy
    Jan 06, 2011 @ 13:49:00

    Sometimes I just think that people write and dont really have much to say. Not so here


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