The Costs Begin to Accrue

There are several “industry” publications I receive so I can remain on top of the issues of concern in agriculture. One of these is Meatingplace. They had a small article, as their articles always are, and it was about Organic HACCP, and a seminar being given to teach “organic professionals” about implementing Hazard and Critical Control Point Analysis in their businesses. Isn’t that nice?


Here’s the last little bit of the article….


It is designed for individuals responsible for organic and food safety programs in small- to medium-sized processing facilities and those responsible for the communications messaging of the facilities. It is specifically relevant for organic and food safety program professionals, communications professionals, certifiers and inspectors.

The cost per person is $625.50 for OTA members and $695.00 for non-members. For more information, click here.

These costs, of course, are not part of the cost estimates given by the government for the implementation of the FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act-PL111-353). When the costs of doing business become prohibitive, people will simply close their business. But first, the cost to the consumer goes up.

Since we are already seeing food riots in Tunisia, Algeria and Chili, and serious shortages are said to exist, we can look forward to extremely high food costs in the not so distant future. It isn’t because farmers have forgotten how to farm, or climate change, but because agriculture policies have driven farmers out of business.


Please, be prepared…..


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