Finally! and Morningland Update

Just a quick note to celebrate a triumph over getting the Paypal issue on this site reconciled! I just want to thank those of you have donated to support my continued efforts in fighting for the most basic freedoms of all. May you be blessed a hundred fold and may your steps be guided and protected along the way.

For those who haven’t been to the UnCheeseParty blog, here’s a nutshell update on Morningland. They have been given a stay of execution on the destruction of their cheese until Monday, when the Judge will render a final decision on whether the Milk Board may come in and destroy the wealth of this family before the 30 day period allowing Morningland to seek reconsideration of the decision and enter the appeal process.

For this family to keep the farm and be able to resume making actually healthy, living cheese, they must make it through this spring. The financial side of this equation is actually desperate. While FTCLDF has taken on the litigation pro bono, the costs of keeping the dairy going selling into the commercial pasteurized chain is abysmal. They still have farm payments to make, and housing, feeding, clothing, maintenance, electric, and fuel costs to cover. In other words, their out-go exceeds their inflow substantially.

To top it off, the State requested a $250,000 bond to even put a temporary stay on the cheese that has been sitting in the cooler since August of last year! The colby is gone, and a loss, but the cheddar will be reduced by 15 to 25% but still good…Maybe even better.

Basically, the AG’s office is terrified that the cheese, which has been under arrest since August, is a flight risk. They are monitoring blogs such as this and the UnCheese Party and really fear that somehow, the cheese will be stolen, removed from the cooler, grow legs and run away, and that it is a dangerous threat to the public and may kill randomly if it isn’t destroyed by the oh so benevolent protectors of the public health at the Missouri Milk Board.

Anyway, the judge reduced the bond to $2,000, but it still took extremely limited funds due to go elsewhere and has put the Dixons in a bind. For what is likely to be a Temporary Stay! Anything you can donate will go to keep them on the farm and hopefully allow them to truly begin their private health food membership association.

Perhaps this high fear of food has a new psychological diagnostic that still needs a name ascribed to it. Maybe it’s tyrannicaseous lactophobia?



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