….Until We Meet Again

Yesterday, my friend, mentor, and man that I love like my own Dad passed away. Derry Brownfield went like everyone wants to go. He had a great day, did the show in the morning, and went home, messed with his new cows, went to sleep….And went to sleep. He wasn’t ill, didn’t lose his faculties, and went strong until he went home. I was supposed to go up and visit he and his wife Verni and do a show there with him this week.

Derry Brownfield, was the real deal. He wouldn’t bow to the corporate power structure, and he wasn’t afraid to tell it like it is about any thing. The truth of the matter, absolutely mattered to Derry. Derry’s integrity, and unflagging interest in bringing the full picture into focus was unparalleled….No one will fill his boots. The mold was broken when Derry was created.

Derry Brownfield, founder of the Common Sense Coalition

Services tentatively will be a visitation on Tuesday, and funeral on Wednesday at the Bowlin Funeral Home in California, Missouri. Times are not yet solidified, but I will post them when I find out.

Derry would always send off his listeners with a blessing followed by Happy Trails as his trademark…..His listeners were blessed, his guests were blessed, the nation was blessed and speaking for myself, I have been deeply blessed by knowing him. I miss him already.

“May the good Lord bless and keep you, either near or far away, may the good you wish for others shine on you today, May your heart stay tuned to music that will cheer the hearts of men, May the good Lord bless and keep you, until we meet again……. ”

Happy Trails, my friend….Until we meet again.


===Visitation is Tuesday, March 15th,  from 4pm to 8pm at the Bowlin Cantriel Funeral Home in California Missouri. The funeral will be tomorrow, Wednesday March 16th,  at the United Church of Christ in California, Missouri at 11am.=====


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  1. David Hannes
    Mar 13, 2011 @ 19:51:40

    I was ok reading this right up ’til the end. Then I heard Derry’s voice in my head speaking that blessing like he always did at the end of every show and that’s when I choked.

    I spent the day remembering him,…his cheerful face…the way he had with people…our trip to Rapid City together…all the stories he told…his passion for the truth…his ”cowboy way”… and you didn’t have to guess what he was thinking…he was happy to share!

    The man had UNcommon sense. And people like him are few and far between.

    Derry, we weren’t ready for you to go…and we’ll try to do you proud and carry on…but there’s an awful big whole where you used to stand.

    I salute you sir! Un…til we meet again!
    I love you. (I’m sorry I didn’t tell you that while you were here.)
    Mr. Doreen (David Hannes)


  2. Laurel Curry
    Mar 14, 2011 @ 21:45:52

    I have had that same voice going through my head—and I know we aren’t the only ones.
    Proud to have listened to and known him and look at the list of people that have been added to my life because of him, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Alice
    Mar 14, 2011 @ 23:14:52

    No, we weren’t ready to say good bye. I started listening to Derry in early 2006 and haven’t missed a show since that first time. I fell in love with a man that became part of my day. He truly was a present day hero in my eyes. I don’t think there’s anyone out there that could possibly even begin to fill his shoes. He was a ‘one of as kind’ that I feel so blessed to have known, even if it was only over the radio and a couple of phone conversations. Heaven’s gain was earth’s loss.


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