Guest Host on The Radio This Morning

Hey all,

This morning I will be guest hosting on The Unsolicited Opinion for Maggie. You can check the website for the show and see that it is all about exposing Agenda 21 Sustainable Development.

In the first hour, at 10am Central time, on KHNC 1360am, I will be interviewing Henry Lamb. He has been fighting to expose Agenda 21 Sustainable Development for years and years. You can check out his website at Freedom 21. A plethora of information is there!


The second hour on Republic Broadcasting Network, I will (almost certainly) be interviewing Denise Dixon of Morningland Dairy. Judge David Dunlap, just yesterday,  handed down his decision on the Contempt charges the State of Missouri brought against Morningland. We will talk about that.


You can read about Morningland on The Uncheese Party site, or this blog. It is a textbook “kill the little guy” case that does much to expose the way the Food Destruction Agency (FDA) is working to through their state level agents to destroy your right to food of your choice.



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  1. Patricia Starr
    Jul 08, 2011 @ 12:29:32

    I listened to your interview with Janine Dixon on the RBN archives and feel strongly that this amazing info needs to be heard by everyone who is concerned about their food supply. Infortunately the archives cut off the end of the interview. So you think it would be possible to obtain a full copy of this interview on a CD so that we can make hundreds of copies to share? with anyone who will listen


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