Docs for Power Hour Listeners

This morning I did my regular monthly stint on the Power Hour with Joyce Riley. I told her that I would have some rather important documents up on my blog ASAP, and I finally am getting it done!

Here is the Stevenson County Washington Food Freedom Ordinance. If we can get this done in blocks of counties across the various states, we will be able to push the issue to the legislatures and cause the states to act in their proper capacity as interposers of our rights against encroaching federal regulatory schemes. I know “if” is a big word, but as I see it, we have no choice but to push the jurisdictional issue to the forefront and get people to understand that the Constitution is a LIMITING document describing what the feds may do and a constraining document. (Before anyone goes off on me, I understand the Emergency Powers Act, but we need to get more to understand…and then we can do something about it.)

Then there is the infamous FDA response to the Farm to Consumer Legal Defense Fund suit regarding their interstate raw milk ban. This is the document wherein the FDA proclaims that you have no right to consume any particular food, you have no right to bodily or physical health and that you have no right to contract. They also state that they are rationally fulfilling their public health mission.

By the actions of the FDA in the Rawesome raid(s) and other raids, it is easy to see that their public health mission is to destroy the public’s health. (There are many articles out there on the latest Rawesome raid, the one I linked is just one of those!)

I want to thank Joyce for her dedication to the pursuit of truth, she is a blessing!

I ask those who read this to please do all they possibly can to pursue food freedom ordinances in their local areas and to stand with those who unwaveringly pursue freedom.




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