Lots of B.S. on the Global Animal Farm… The B.S. is Bureaucratic Sabotage, Not Bovine Secretion

Every day seems to bring a new outrage (or fifteen) from our would-be rulers. Some of them are downright hilarious if you possess the proper dark, and somewhat jaded, sense of humor. While my indignation is real, I have to keep laughing at the insanity of this stuff or I would just sit in a corner and cry. And what fun would that be? But I have to say that I prefer the more common BS to the Bureaucratic Sabotage we continually face. At least real manure has some inherent value.

Today, as I was getting my links together for a radio show, I received an article regarding a report detailing the latest thoughts from the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) of the United Nations. The FAO is the “global authority” on agriculture and the one the WTO looks to first to determine how best to starve serve the people of the planet to make all of this “sustainable” for those who should be here.

Now don’t hurt yourself laughing at the stupidity of this. These people are serious, and since we all need to eat to live, the seriousness of this mindset has to be addressed. You can read the article here and link through to the FAO for the full report from there as well. Here’s the first bit that got me:

“ “It is hard to envisage meeting projected demand by keeping twice as many poultry, 80 percent more small ruminants, 50 percent more cattle and 40 percent more pigs, using the same level of natural resources as currently,” the report said.

Production increases should instead come from improving efficiency of livestock systems in converting natural resources into food and from reducing waste, said the report published on FAO’s website (www.fao.org).”

One must wonder what “level of natural resources” the speaker is actually talking about. Land? Water? Grass? Grain? Animals? People? Fuel? All of these and then some? What exactly are the “natural resources” referenced?

The FAO is the agency of the UN that actually conducted a study on cow farts and methane gas produced by cattle as potentially creating global warming. Really. The original backpacking cows were in Argentina, but now there are several studies being done here in the states. They actually spend money on having cattle wear backpack fart measuring devices.

The report is titled “Livestock’s Long Shadow”. You can read the overview at the link through Wikipedia and download it through there as well.

Next thing you know those pushing for carbon credits will have people wearing the same backpacks to determine the amount of annual flatulence created by consumption of black beans in human populations. Maybe there will be control groups of non-bean consumers, bean consumers with Bean-O added and bean consumers au natural. Hopefully I didn’t just provide them with another method of squandering the monetary resources of the global populace.

The second, and more sinister part of the article was this:

“Large-scale, intensive animal-rearing farms, which will be the main drivers of increasing livestock output, should also reduce pollution generated from waste and greenhouse gases, cut the use of water and grain needed to produce livestock protein and recycle agro-industrial byproducts, the report said.

The farms should also be able to respond to climate-change challenges such as drought and water shortages, as well as to fight off animal diseases, some of which may threaten human health, the report said.”

It is Animal Farm.

If you will recall, in Orwell’s “Animal Farm”, the critters chase the farmer off the farm and take over. At first, there seems to be more equality for all the animals, and then the harsh reality of life begins to set in and the pigs completely take over.

The chickens are to lay more eggs with less feed.

The animals are all supposed to produce more with less input, except the pigs, of course, because they are the “brains” of the outfit and deserve to be more equal than the other animals.

Boxer, the big, dependable, ole work horse, continues to push himself to insane levels, continually repeating the mantra, “I will work harder”, to try to achieve the Utopia set forth by the (pigs) rulers as the goal. He doggedly adheres to this axiom until he dies from exhaustion.

In my mind, Boxer represents the American Dairy farmer almost perfectly. Working 12 to16 hours a day seven days a week just isn’t enough. They should work more and get bigger so they are less efficient and produce lower quality product so they can be less satisfied with their work and receive less compensation for their labor at the end of the 16-hour work day.

Yet another load of bureaucratic sabotage.

What they say is this: “Grow more food with less material and reduce use of resources and waste along the way. We will monitor and surveille your every step and put you out of business and off the land if we want to to preserve the earth in it’s purest wild state. And if you fail to feed those extra people under our terms, well, it’s your fault…..You need to work harder.”

Too bad we can’t use backpacks to measure the gaseous output of bureaucrats. We’d likely find that bureaucrats are responsible for climate change….if there were any.



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  1. Joe in Missouri
    Dec 15, 2011 @ 20:17:45

    Doreen I think Barry Saetaro would look just mav-alous with one of those pink flatulence collectors. 🙂 Perhaps the entire gestapo….I meant the USDA could wear them, and set an example for the rest of us as how to live a low carbon life style.


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