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I will be on the show for my regular monthly appearance in just a few hours here. There are so many things happening on the food freedom front that it is a full time job to keep up with them! I am going to provide links for the articles I hope to be speaking about in this post.

Since people who read my blog are generally a little more interested in actual documents than your average bear, I believe you will find the comments on this page to be really interesting. There is a commenter who read the agreement that those who wish to download the “free” access to the genome mapping of the cocoa tree by Mars, and the fabulous USDA (and more) will find more than intriguing. The agreement effectively nullifies any actual free access. This article is from the Scientific American, and well worth a read!

Another topic I hope to discuss is the massive consolidation of our food supply as discussed in Grist here. the issue is that Walmart is taking over the retail end of our food supply. It is something of a pet peeve for me, as there can be no food freedom when megalithic corporations control the distribution or the actual access to market of the food. While this article draws a few unsubstantiated potentials, like that the 10.5% increase in obesity in America is because of the proliferation of Walmart Super Centers, it is still an excellent piece, and draws out many very pertinent and important facts for people to keep in their minds as they go about their grocery shopping.

I also hope to discuss the latest perfect illustration of why it is insane to continue to interface with the federal government. Just this morning I received the news that Obama rejected the petition to legalize raw milk sales. Here is an article, from Bill Marler’s amazing propaganda machine that is a tremendous generator of revenue of fear mongering for all Americans, that explains the Obama Administrations belief that raw milk should have controlled access.

Meanwhile, the Raw Milk Freedom Riders intend to be at the County Sheriff Project’s massive event in Las Vegas to help promote the proper Constitutional position of the County Sheriff. This is a truly worthwhile and peaceful attempt at using the law as it stands, and the proper parameters of jurisdiction to constrain the out of control Federal government.

Regarding that jurisdiction and the persecution of people who simply provide food to others who want it, Vernon Hershberger, the Amish farmer who has been under attack from the Wisconsin DATCP is going to court on January 11th at the Baraboo (incedentally, Baraboo is home to the Ringling Bros Circus!) because he is such a criminal. If you are near, you should go and support him. There will be a rally at 12:00 in front of the courthouse. His appearance is scheduled for 1:00pm.

It never ceases to amaze me that we can sit here and say we are free when we can’t even decide for ourselves what food we want to eat.

As for me,  simply because an agency desires to control some aspect of my life does not -in any way- legitimize their authority to do so. If we don’t have the right to eat foods of our choice from providers of our choice, then we are not free.

Lastly, there is a movement amongst a segment of the raw milk community to establish “standards, certifications and protocols” to be APPROVED to sell raw milk directly to consumers. I hope to find the time to write about it in detail this week, but we must never, ever, under any circumstances, believe, that just because a quasi governmental bureaucratic group wants to control something via certification, that the certification is a true indicator of quality or that the lack of certification indicates a lack of quality. It’s kind of like the Stockholm Syndrome en masse. Changing one group of kidnappers for another!——More to come on this front.

And last, but not least, the Consent of the Governed Rally in Jefferson City was excellent! Kudos to Ron Calzone and all those who worked on the event to make such a tremendous kick off to Missouri’s legaslative session!


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  1. Joe in Missouri
    Jan 09, 2012 @ 09:43:56

    In a free country we need a free market in agencies that certify certain qualities about our food. The producer and the consumer should both be free to do business with any certification entity or no certification entity.

    Do not fall for legislation “giving” us Inalienable rights that we already posses as they then are just permissions that can be taken away at any time. At the very least such legislation should explicitly recognize that they are dealing with an inalienable right. Ideally changes should be made to the State/Federal constitution to clarify these rights.


  2. truthfarmer
    Jan 09, 2012 @ 10:09:05

    Everyone needs to go to Jeffrey Smith’s site and download the GMO free shopping guide. Here is his site:


  3. Marsha
    Feb 17, 2012 @ 10:54:12

    Just received our second agricultural census. I heard Doreen say it is not mandatory to complete and return. Any additional info on this would be greatly appreciated. Websites or contact info so I can follow up.



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