Debe Bell Found Guilty of 35 Counts of Animal Abuse

I just received the information regarding the verdict in Debe Bell’s trial for animal cruelty on her rabbit herd. I spoke with Debe for several hours after the incident came to my attention and wrote this article regarding that conversation here.

It is repugnant to my senses that this Denver News station had the audacity to state that Debe Bell’s barn was overheated at 84 degrees on a 94 degree day. I would love to see the transcript from this trial. If the jury was not mentally engaged to consider that FACT that if rabbits couldn’t survive 84•F temperatures there would be no rabbits in nearly all of North America, there is some serious neglect going on in the defense of Debe Bell.

I will do my best to try to speak with Debe and lay my hands on documents to cover this issue fully as it deserves. But for now, read this amazingly slanted piece from Channel 7 in Denver. More to come on this issue along with a dog raid here in my neck of the woods.


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