Wisconsin, Wisconsin….The Democratic Socialist Republic of Wisconsin

In Baraboo, on March 2nd, there will be a rally outside the courthouse where the State of Wisconsin intends to prosecute Vernon Herschberger for distributing food to members of his cooperative. This man, who they paint as a criminal for providing food, faces over $10,000 in possible fines, and up to three years in jail for allowing his partners in food production to access their food.

Now one has to wonder, why is it that a country, truthfully beyond the point of bankruptcy, with massive issues with illegal immigration and serious drug smuggling, problems would care to spend so much time and energy on the persecution and prosecution of farmers supplying food to people who want food outside of the anonymous consolidated corporate food system?

Food is a controlled substance. Growing food that isn’t approved by the powers that be is deemed an act that is dangerous for all concerned. The time when people could decide for themselves what they wish to eat is simply archaic, and evidently, now a revolutionary act.

On March 2nd, there will be an opportunity for people to stand up and show their support for not only Vernon Herschberger, but every individual, in their right to eat food of their choice, from sources of their choice, without the intervention of agencies and tyrants.

If you are nearby, or far away and able to do so,you should be at the Sauk County Court House at 11:am on March 2nd. This could well be viewed as the Lexington Concorde of the food freedom movement. The entire freedom movement should be supportive of Mr. Herschberger, and anyone who thinks they are smart enough to decide for themselves what they want to eat should take this opportunity to stand for justice and the most basic of human rights.

Please support Vernon Herschberger and help bring the insanity of the current regime into the light of public awareness by adding your presence to the rally.

If we cannot decide what we want to eat, we cannot pretend that we are free.


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