Pink Slime, Missing Sheep and USDA Data Mining…Plus the EPA

I really don’t think it’s just me. The nasty things, the tyrannical things, the fearful things, and the even worse things, are coming to light at seemingly the speed of light. In just the very recent past, we have had a full scale implosion in the industrial meat sector because the general public found out about “pink slime” or “soylent pink” and just lost their marbles.

The downside is it cost 650 people jobs.

The upsides are much more numerous, and more difficult to enumerate. First is more people know and people have shown that they actually can get upset and effect the market.  The anonymous corporatized, industrialized, consolidated and concentrated meat sector got a big black eye….maybe even a broken rib. A really solid wallop. Mac D’s, Taco Bell, all the grocery stores, and even the USDA heard the people when they said, “We will not be fed garbage and told that it is “leanly textured fine beef”.

It’s really funny to see the propagandists still trying to pump pink slime at us. They don’t get that no means no.

Then, the illustrious USDA, ever mindful of the US Constitution and Tax Payer’s dollars, announces they are offering a giant contract for data mining the internet for people who my be in violation of the AWA or the HPA. That means you may be selling pets without a license or moving horses without the proper documents.

The USDA, who was dubbed “the people’s department” is really bringing the communistic overtones of their nick name into high relief. Yes, they are Uncle Sam Destroying Agriculture, and I am sure they will be paying someone to read my comments about them as well. At any rate, you can read the offer that is open to anyone, particularly smaller businesses, right here.

Then, the EPA, the same intelligence agency that decided to regulate milk like oil, is expanding their definitions and control of “waters of the United States”. The rule is being finalized now.

Then, in the happiest news of the day, farmers in Canada have grown a back bone and formed the “Farmers Peace Corps”. They removed forty one extremely rare sheep that the Canadian CFIA  had slated for destruction into protective custody!

Here is a short synapses, of the issue. Two years ago, a sheep that Montana Jones had sold three years earlier tested positive for scrapies. The CFIA put Jones under quarantine in 2009. Now they have decided the sheep she has must be killed. The Farmers Peace Corps has stepped in and taken the sheep away. The story is growing and highly interesting. I intend to dig into this quite a bit.

Like I said, there is a lot going on. And in the meantime, spring has arrived and the garden will not plant itself.


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  1. inalienablewrights
    Apr 03, 2012 @ 11:38:51

    No it’s not just you Doreen.
    All of the evil that you document just didn’t happen. It happened because the churches and Christians of this country have idly by and worshiped Caesar. Caesar could do no wrong. Government is of God right?

    And these are the same kind of Christians that supported and allowed Adolph Hitler to come to power.

    IF it is not too late to win this battle between good and evil, It is too late in the game to do so without tremendous loses and sacrifices. But for myself there is not other choice but to fight.
    “The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don’t do anything about it.”
    ~Albert Einstein
    “Government is how we choose to treat our fellow man. Nothing more nothing less. Hence government is how we choose either to love our brothers or rape them. Unfortunately most Christians have chosen the latter.”
    ~ Joe Tittiger


  2. jaguarmarc
    Apr 13, 2012 @ 11:34:07

    Hello Doreen…
    It was good to hear YOU on Maggie Roddin’s show today on Republic Broadcasting ( !! I had missed your articles…and WONDERED WHAT WAS/IS ….UP WITH YOU & YOURS ?
    Please know….THAT BECAUSE OF YOU……MANY PEOPLE ARE STARTING TO MEET AND SPEAK UP AND STAND UP FOR THEIR PROPERTY RIGHTS !!! YES, just last night A GROUP IN CHRISTIAN COUNTY met and discussed their issues. (Thom was/is THE instigator….of that…..but he was/is INSPIRED BY YOU ! ) I am wondering WHAT THE FOLLOW-UP is on Morningland ? Also, I made contact with Michael Shaw from California. He has some VERY GOOD STRATEGY for what can be done. I encourage you to COLLABORATE WITH HIM….in any way you can….FOR WE NEED MANY DEDICATED HEARTS & MINDS IN GIVING FOCUSED ATTENTION TO THIS MATTER. (his site if you don’t have it is: I will do whatever I can…even from a distance to STIR PEOPLE UP ….AND HELP THEM TO “CONNECT-THE-DOTS” FOR FOCUSED AND EFFECTIVE ACTIONS THAT EACH OF US CAN TAKE.


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