Canadian Government on Rampage Against Farmers Who Want to Save Sheep

In the saga of the Shropshire sheep, charges have been levied against the owner and Michael Schmidt. Here is the press release:

Farmers Could Face 14 years on Alleged Conspiracy

Canadian Officials Raid Farms After Farmer Proposes Compromise on Assessing Disease in Rare Breed Sheep

Ontario, CA–August 6, 2012— (GlobeNewswire)  On August 2 2012 the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) raided the farms of Ontario farmer Michael Schmidt and Montana Jones in connection with the disappearance of Jones’ herd of genetically rare Shropshire sheep.  CFIA brought 20 officers and multiple police cars to conduct the 7:00am raid on the Schmidt’s farm.  During the 8-hour raid, officers confiscated all electronic recording devices from the home and farm, including computers, cell phones and cameras.  Schmidt and Jones both faces possible conspiracy charges that could result in up to 14 years in prison.

In March of this year, a group calling themselves the “Farmers Peace Corps” claimed responsibility for the disappearance of the sheep that were destined for slaughter due to a connection with the disease Scrapie.  While Scrapie is not transmissible to humans and causes no threat to people, it is seen by the CFIA as a threat to other sheep.  In June, the Shropshire sheep were found and immediately destroyed by CFIA.  They all tested negative for the disease.  CFIA is refusing Jones the appropriate compensation for her sheep.

The raid on Schmidt’s Glencolton Farm and Jones’ farm, and possible charges against them both, come in conjunction with an announcement Schmidt made on behalf of Farmers Peace Corp.  In the statement, Schmidt stated, “The actions of the CFIA remind me of the history of my native Germany, where genetic cleansing became a tragic and horrible national policy.”

During a follow-up meeting with CFIA investigators, Schmidt asked them to examine their current policy of mass eradication.  “I told them we need to find an exemption to the killing program, like they have in England,” says Schmidt.  “However, rather than constructive dialogue we get this response: police with guns, a raid and these potential criminal charges. The destruction of these rare healthy sheep and this raid are not about Scrapie.  They want to show who calls the shots here.”

Information about farm raids: Further information about Glencolton Farm


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  1. Inalienable Wrights
    Aug 06, 2012 @ 20:40:05

    It’s a lot more widespread than that…. most all industrialized countries are at warfare with their citizens about having any rights what soever. According to the out of control psychopaths that euphemistically call themselves government, we mundanes have no right to grow food, much less to even choose what we put into our bodies. We have no right to self defense. Everything is a permission to be begged for from our owners the State.

    We had better turn this around quickly boys and girls, while we still can. When the people that we have guns to protect ourselves from, are proclaiming that they are the final arbiter on who can own guns, the end is not very far away.


  2. Montana Jones
    Aug 07, 2012 @ 08:23:20

    For more information the Background is on and


  3. Patric Lyster
    Oct 03, 2012 @ 14:55:38

    Please realize that information on Shropshire is put there by Montana Jones and therefore has a very high tendency to be biased, and in some cases to be downright false information. Many times Miss Jones has used misleading statements and even lied to further her agenda. In my opinion she has turned this into a con, to get other people to pay her bills. She was given an option which would have enabled saving some of her genetics, also delaying the destruction of much of her flock (of which all has never been ordered destroyed, she still has some), and if thought about, would have given her time to fight to keep them from being destroyed while still preserving genetics. CFIA has and will listen to sound arguments based on science, but when given the opportunity, Miss Jones, in my opinion saw an opportunity to get into the spotlight and to figure a way to get others to pay her expenses. In my opinion, if someone does or could do the actual research, you would find that her financial difficulties are not based as much on her quarantine and sheep as it is on everything else. Just check out what she was basically doing before and how little different it is to what she plans to do, if she got enough money from the public to “get her back on her feet”. I am so amazed at how little fact searching the media people have done in this case. Almost all reports have been strongly biased to Miss Jones point of view, with many even advertising her fundraiser and her donation box. I used to think that the media was supposed to report facts in an unbiased manner to enable the public to decide for themselves. I am now thinking that the media is something that you are supposed to manipulate to further your own cause.
    Perhaps someone from the media would like to clarify this.
    I mean, what is a reporters job? Is it to just take a story from someone and not even check for accuracy? Is it to check for facts from a website operated by the person in question? Is it to freely advertise an event which is only benefitting an individual? Perhaps I have been very naive in thinking that the media had ethics and would report facts. These days it appears, in my opinion, that many reporters are auditioning for jobs with the National Enquirer, writing a sensationalized story regardless of facts.


  4. Montana Jones
    Oct 04, 2012 @ 14:32:46

    Kudos to the amazing musicians and inspired speakers and tummy warming chefs and to “Team LifeStock” for pulling it all together..there are so many supportive, encouraging folks to thank for making this eventmergency a huge success! And to all who came out in support of these issues…It’s time for the farm-ALL small farms- to do more, offer more, be more, and it’s all thanks to you for standing up..theres a little piece of all of you in Wholearth now. There are however many incorrect statements out there in media, some say a sheep here had scapie, some say two…nope, not correct. I had a fat healthy ewe pregnant ewe who went downhill and did not eat after CFIA took her best herdmates away..she stopped eating, and developed pregnancy toxaemia. I called CFIA vet Doug MacLeod to tell him…he concurred. The whole story is here, with all due respect re the title: – Halfway down is what really happened with that ewe CFIA ‘claims’ was a positive.

    Thank you again to everyone who supports the truth coming out about government policies, and our right to freedom of choice in food, farming and agriculture… Read the site or talk to me directly if you have any questions…I, unlike some posters, have been here and present all along, insisting the truth be transparent and…true.


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