GMO Scientist thinks it’s GREAT that GMO’s cause Infertility

I actually heard a radio interview by Mike Adams with Anthony Gucciardi about this email from a biotech scientist last week. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the link on Gucciardi’s site until today, but here it is in all it’s glory. Here is the comment made by the obviously loving individual on Gucciardi’s site (curse words are ****, and I know you can figure them out):

I am no traitor against humanity. If this **** causes infertility… Awesome!!

The world is over-populated, and people need to stop having children. This is one of earth’s largest problems.

If the earth wasn’t overpopulated, things like growth hormones wouldn’t EXIST.

The reason they do, is that the earth cannot produce enough food on its own to feed us all.

This is why GMO is actually saving the planet.

So **** you and your ********. I am doing humanity a ******* FAVOR!!!


A REAL ‘traitor to humanity’

– Ed

Read more:

Please make this go viral. I think it truly shows the deep appreciation for life that these Evil Geniuses exhibit by their actions.


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