First They Came for the Cows—On Kindle!

My good friend Sharon Zecchinelli wrote this book as part of National Novel Writing Month, NanoWriMo, which I did once, and still haven’t finished the novel I began! Anyway, the release of this Kindle version of “First They Came for the Cows” contains an epilogue written by yours truly.

On Kindle with Epilogue by Doreen Hannes

There is some serious serendipity here. Unbeknownst to either Sharon or me, the USDA is releasing their final “general” rule on the ADT, which is NAIS by a different name, on the same day this Kindle release becomes available! Very interesting, no?

To be sure, there was no collusion between the USDA and Sharon Zecchinelli….I just don’t ascribe to “coincidence” as a general rule. Seems like more of a divine paradox to me.

At any rate, you can look forward to my dissection of the rule in the very near future, and in the interim, get your NAIS not NAIS refresher course by reading “First They Came for the Cows” on Kindle!



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