Ozarks Self-Reliant University Events

I think this is a fabulous model to help any area get people solidly on the path to fostering self reliant communities and on the road to preparation for any kind of emergency. At this point in our history, it looks like anything could happen at almost anytime. It’s our responsibility to do what we can to provide for our families and ourselves. It seems people have largely forgotten that “the government” cannot give to you what they first haven’t taken from someone else. Please come if you can, and if you are outside the area, consider modeling a program for your area like these good people have.

Ozarks Self-Reliant Living University classes for January will be expanded, beginning and 10 am and running until 3 pm in Thayer, West Plains and Willow Springs, covering the topic of Disaster Preparedness according to Debbie Slack, OSLU Heritage Studies Instructor.

“We covered Disaster Preparedness last year in January and the classes were the most well attended, with almost 200 people in attendance demonstrating the interest in preparedness. So this year rather than the normal two hour class with one speaker we will have day-long workshops with four or five speakers each day” Slack said. “Additionally we were happy to be invited by the Willow Springs Community Foundation to hold classes monthly in Willow Springs at the Ferguson Building and will kick off this partnership.”
Subjects covered in the classes will include HAM radio and using radio for emergency communcations; storm shelters and physical protection; what things disappear during an emergency and what should you have stockpiles of? intro to preparedness; heirloom seeds vs. GMOs; making your own alcohol fuel; using a steam engine to create electricity for the home; and self-defense including choosing a firearm.
Classes in Thayer will be Saturday January 5, 10 am – 3 pm at Sacred Heart Catholic Church. West Plains classes will be held Sunday 10 am – 3 pm at Next Step 7thDay Adventist Church. Willow Springs classes will be held Saturday January 12 at the Ferguson Building. Donations appreciated for covering the cost of the seminar. Cost for Soup or chili, crackers and dessert will be 3 dollars per person. For information call 417-264-2435.  
Ozarks Self Reliant Living Preparedness Workshop January  2013—Schedules and Locations

Thayer Sacred Heart Catholic Church 10 am – 3 pm
10 am Debbie Slack – Stocking Your Pantry
10: 45 am Jeff Donner, Hidy Hole Storm Shelters -Finding Shelter in Emergencies
11: 30 am John Price, West Plains Ham Radio Club – Emergency Communications
12:30 pm Lunch- Homemade vegetable soup or chili
1 pm Brian Haas, Ozark Mountain Self Reliance – What You Need to be Prepared1:45 pm Mike Evans Americas Voice Now on Self Defense and Choosing a Firearm

West Plains Next Step 7th Day Adventist Church 10 am – 3 pm JANURAY 6, 2013
10 am Debbie Slack – Stocking Your Pantry
10: 45 am The Battery Station – What You Need to be Prepared
11: 15 am Craig Wiles – Preppers, Homesteaders & Survivalists
12 noon Lunch- Homemade vegetable soup or chili
1 pm Doreen Hannes – Rural Preparedness, Agenda 21
2 pm Mike Evans Americas Voice Now- Self Defense and Choosing a Firearm

Willow Springs Ferguson Center January 12 10 am – 3 pm
10 am Deb Slack – Stocking Your Pantry
10 45 am Mike Nocks White Harvest Seed Company Heirloom Seeds vs. GMOs
11: 30 am Mike Brown – Alternative Energy, Making Your Own Alcohol
12: 15 pm Lunch- Homemade vegetable soup or chili
1 pm Mike Brown – Steam Engines for Home Electricity
2 pm Mike Evans Americas Voice Now – Self Defense and Choosing a Firearm”


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  1. C. A. Schachel
    Aug 26, 2013 @ 21:42:47

    Debbie Slack passed away in her sleep on August 24, 2013.


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