Videos From the Morningland Destruction

I am going to write an article on the events of January 25th, 2013, but at this point,  things are happening so quickly in the destruction of not just Morningland, but our Nation, that I don’t have the time to write it out as quickly as it occurs. I readily admit that video is quicker! In no particular order, the following have been posted on youtube. Please share them far and wide and don’t forget to come back and check for my article on this as well:

Joseph Dixon and Others Interact with Missouri Officials

The Nuremburg Defense is a Popular Mantra

Howell County Sheriff’s Department Helps to Destroy

Howell County Sheriffs Refuse to Answer Gun Confiscation Questions

Here is an interview with Mike Evans of America’s Voice Now radio program the day after the Destruction:


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  1. Sandy C
    Jan 28, 2013 @ 11:42:50

    It will not let me view any of the videos, is there another way I can see and share them??Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2013 17:36:15 +0000 To:


  2. Michael Don Slack
    Jan 28, 2013 @ 13:07:47

    My wife is sending these out to several hundred people right now via email. I reminded the sheriff that in the US Army we are instructed that we have a duty to disobey unlawful orders.


  3. Harley Rider
    Jan 28, 2013 @ 14:51:29

    Hello – Get your story out to these guys ASAP – They have a huge audience and what is needed is exposure about these Gestapo Tactics . Only good thing about the coming collapse is that alot of these Tax Parasites will be out of a job, as the funds to pay will be not available and doubtful if these cockroaches will work for free


  4. InalienableWrights
    Jan 28, 2013 @ 23:54:44

    This Sheriff should fear for his life in a just world.

    Has anyone asked him where in the Constitution that he swore an oath to God to uphold, we delegated ANY authority at all to Federal Government concerning what foods we eat?

    This is the very definition of tyranny and the reason that we Christians must stay armed.

    The Law Of The Sword – Pastor Chuck Baldwin


  5. skippy dolittle
    Jan 29, 2013 @ 03:59:48

    This was on the front page of Daily Paul this morning. It is viewed worldwide.


    • truthfarmer
      Jan 29, 2013 @ 07:22:50

      It would be wonderful if it would stay there all day. People really need to understand that the “government” thinks they are too stupid to decide what they want to eat. Instead they prescribe GMO’s for everyone without their knowledge or consent and then, after Big Farma creates disease, their business partners, Big Pharma, provide medication to treat the symptoms.


  6. William Harney
    Jan 29, 2013 @ 07:14:47

    The government has no rights to take and remove that which is proven safe by those who so call make the rules.Its all about taxes and controll of what you have..Just listen to what they say and judge for your self..They desolve their right toearn a living or to work,yet they will allow 11 million to take and destroy what they have not earned.The criminal behavior is undeniable by the so called milk board.Whats next…The FDA comes into your house and say whats good and remove what ever they want and then place you in jail or do as they wish..The so called milk board are people who retain large companies and wish for no others to compete..My answer,is to remove those in charge of the milk board and allow the people of this country to live as free Americans!”


    • InalienableWrights
      Jan 29, 2013 @ 17:06:50

      William you said:
      “The government has no rights to take and remove that which is proven safe by those who so call make the rules.Its all about taxes and controll of what you have.”

      Safety is a relative thing. Nothing can be said to be truly safe. That is a decision for the individual to determine. That sad the government has no right to take anything even if “proven un-safe.”

      Protecting us from ourselves is not the job of the government, and they are no where authorized to do so in the Constitution, We have ab absolute right to contract even if that entails something that a 3rd party may deem less than safe.


  7. William Harney
    Jan 29, 2013 @ 07:32:19

    By the way,the so called FDA was desolved in 1973 and the pharmical companied do all their testing….Bull shit!”
    Thats why there are 40 different things wrong with every prescription you buy or use,sideaffects that can kill you or damage you in ways tou could and would have no controll…For example ;look at Zoloft.Since its production,over 800 people have committed suicide because of the side affects,yet they continue to make it..They sell you a product that supposed to relieve you of headaches and has 20 side affects that may leave you in worse condition that when you started with a simple head ache….By the way,As a child and partly as a grown up,I drank raw milk and ate raw milk cheeze..I’m 67 years old,my total colesterol and trigliserides are 137. my blood pressure is 12 over 60,with a heart rate of 68.I don’t exercise or drink,do drugs or any of those things the people in congress does..The so called bad things are sometimes better for you than those so called good things…I have only one thing to say to the defunked FDA,that doesn’t exist FOAD by the waist side…Oh,let see if they destroy those so called milk products in a steril manor and not just dumping it into some hole…If not..We will file a complaint with the EPA with our discoveries and take away their rights!”


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  9. Kindred Spirit
    Jan 30, 2013 @ 21:37:28

    This just breaks my heart and infuriates me all at the same time! I’m posting these videos to Facebook and will see if they decide to knock me off my account once again. I was blocked from my own account a few yrs back because of posting about Monsanto and what they are doing to the innocent smaller farmers. They wound up sending me a message that if I kept causing waves that I would loose my account permanently!! I wish I could of saved that message but the way they had set it up, was when I tried to sign-on and then it was gone and my account came up.. Prepare my friends as this is not going to get any better!! I will stand strong in my beliefs and faith! I know you all are seeing this unfold a piece at a time..I just wish more could see how our world is beginning to crash down around us…


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