Firearms Freedom Symposium


As the US Federal Government continues to move toward initiating more strident gun control mechanisms, Americans are pushing back against the stated desires of many in the Federal level. The Missouri Ozarks, as a whole, is solidly against any further gun control measures.

In the face of the federal level measures we are likely to face, the Ozarks PRC (Ozarks Property Rights Coalition) is inviting media, elected officials and the public to attend the Firearms Freedom Symposium on March 5th, 2013. The event will be held at the Remington Event Center, and doors will open at 6pm.

John Weaver, a firearms instructor, Ted Weiland, author and preacher, and Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America will be speaking. The focus of this Symposium will be the actual effects on a nation under gun control measures. Historical effects and mechanisms used to achieve these restrictions will be elaborated upon.  Each speaker will have a question and answer segment following their presentation.

Gun stores, vendors of firearms accessories, preparedness items and info will be able to support the event and also sell some wares. Donations of firearms related items for a drawing to cover event expenses are also appreciated.

Eric Vimont, the chief coordinator for the event, says, “As history shows, gun control is a direct path to tyranny. We cannot allow our firearms freedoms to be infringed upon, and the gentlemen speaking at this event will bring the issue into absolute clarity. Our goal is to inform and unify our region around the cause of Freedom!”

 The event is free to the public, but donations are needed and welcome.


Remington’s Event Center is located at 1655 W. Republic Rd, Springfield, Missouri.

For additional information you may visit or contact:

Eric Vimont at 417-366-0999.

Donations may be sent to treasurer Mike Moon for the event:

Firearms Freedom Symposium (PRC FFS in Memo area)

Ozarks Property Rights Congress
6935 Lawrence 1222
Ash Grove, MO  65604

Here are the available flyers that you can print yourself or have printed. We suggest they be put out at gun shops, shooting ranges, preparedness stores, and shared at meetings throughout the region. There are three color versions available…Click here for the Yellow Flyer, here for the Brown Flyer, and here for the Flag background flyer. Then there is this black and white easy to print yourself flyer.

Tables are available for groups or businesses. The information on that should become solidified very soon and I will post a link with the information for those groups and businesses that would like to help sponsor this rather historic event.




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