Unregulated Direct Trade Bill Introduced in Missouri (HB2138)

At last, at long last, Missouri has a bill that will solidify in statute a right we actually already have, but which is being impeded by agencies who think they have the right to act as gods over people in this nation. Rep Mike Moon has introduced a Direct Trade bill and 17 reps co-sponsored in very short order! My thanks to Mike Moon for having the courage to finally get this bill into the process!!

The point of this bill is simply to empower people and provide the ability for people to benefit from locally grown and produced food. In reality, the ability eat is to have food in abundance is the only thing that allows us to be civil to each other. Most people are still going to want the anonymous, consolidated, centralized, corporate,  “food” supply. That’s fine, let them have their mega-chain goods! But for those of us who want to buy directly from the farmer, or sell directly to the consumer, it won’t be a potentially criminal act if this goes through.

I wish I had more time to pontificate about this, but alas, I do not.

Please call your representatives and encourage them to support HB2138 and get it through the process clean and quickly…Here is the text of the bill:

  262.293. 1. The residents of Missouri shall have the right to sell directly to a buyer or purchase directly from a seller any farm-direct goods produced within this state. The seller of farm-direct goods shall retain the right to choose whether or not such farm-direct goods and the sale thereof shall be subject to regulation by the state, any political subdivision of the state, or any state or local regulatory agency. Any seller of farm-direct goods not subject to such regulation shall, at the time of the direct sale, declare to the buyer via a sign, label on the package, or verbally that such farm-direct goods are not subject to regulation by the state, any political subdivision of the state, or any state or local regulatory agency. The buyer of farm-direct goods shall retain the responsibility to ensure the process of production of the farm-direct goods purchased meets the buyer’s approval.

            2. For purposes of this section, the following terms shall mean:

            (1) “Buyer”, a buyer of farm-direct goods for personal consumption who purchases directly from a seller;

            (2) “Farm-direct goods”, goods produced on a farm in this state by a seller and sold by such seller directly to a buyer;

            (3) “Seller”, a producer of farm-direct goods who sells such goods directly to a buyer.

            3. The state, any political subdivision of this state, and any state or local regulatory agency shall not interfere or otherwise attempt to regulate the sale and purchase of farm-direct goods not subject to regulation under this section.

            4. Nothing in this section shall be construed to provide any civil or criminal immunity from liability for an intentional act or an act of gross negligence by a seller or buyer under this section which constitute a violation of any civil or criminal laws of this state.

(Go to the General Assembly Homepage  and then you can punch in the bill number in the search box and bring it up and keep track of the legislation)


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