Direct Trade Bill- Missouri- Urgent Action Required!

If you’ll recall, the bill to legalize real food for real people in Missouri has received a hearing. It now must be voted out of committee to begin the process of going to the floor for a vote. The bill is HB2138, and Rep Mike Moon is the sponsor.

Very simply, this bill would allow the freedom of exchange between producers of food and consumers of food. It’s the most basic of human rights, and one we actually have, but it has been impinged upon by the regulatory agencies through their licensing and control measures. We really DO NOT need to ask permission to eat what we want, but the agencies habitually threaten, fine and destroy lives by constraining people’s access to food of their choice.

So, if you’re an economic freedom person and believe that people should have the right to profit from their neighbor, you should be for this bill. If you’re a person who believes that too much government control squashes the creative spirit, you should be for this bill. If you are one who believes that you are smart enough to decide what you want to eat without an army of bureaucrats inhibiting your access to food, you should be for this bill.

Please call Representative Eric Burlison and ask him to quickly get HB2138 up for a vote in his committee. He co-sponsored the bill so he should be pleased to see people interested in getting it moving. Thank him for having the hearing, too!

Here’s his number and email:  573-751-0136




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  1. Doug Brethower
    Apr 18, 2014 @ 09:51:32


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