Round Up and Autism…MIT Professor Shows Stunning Correlation

Yesterday I came across some incredible information. As everyone is aware, the number of people affected by autism has been skyrocketing. I thought it was from vaccines and the additives present in them…Well, that looks like it is a part of the cause, but if you go through Dr Stephanie Seneff’s Power Point on Round Up prevalence and the increase in autism, it is simply stunning.

Here’s a chart form the PPT that really drives it home:


You can watch several videos of Seneff on youtube going over her various studies and the correlation between increases in various diseases and the striking relationship of glyphosate to the disease increase. Here is one that is about an hour long: Dr Seneff on Glyphosate and Autism.

Or you can copy this direct link below:



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  1. Bob Blackburn
    Jan 14, 2015 @ 23:52:43

    1. The increase in reported cases of Autism is mostly if not entirely due to a broadening of the diagnostic criteria and the increase in attention by parents to the disease.
    2. The author of that graph, Stephanie Seneff, is a computer science professor with an interest but no training in biology or epidemiology.
    3. Seneff proposed the connection between Rounup use and Autism in a talk, not as the result of a study. She has absolutely no evidence of any connection between Autism and Rounup, just a correlation. Using the same logic I propose that Autism is caused by organic foods, since they are identically correlated also!


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