Preppers and Patriot Expo

Please go to the Preppers and Patriots website for more info. This is going to be a good event!



Missouri Organic Association To Participate in Preppers and Patriots Expo


The Missouri Organic Association will be participating in the Preppers and Patriots Expo in Springfield, Mo. MOA  is comprised of farmers, chefs, gardeners, health professionals, and people who want healthy food and a healthy planet.


“MOA members include farmers and food producers who grow organic or sustainable food, processors consisting of companies searching for organic ingredients for final organic producdts; retailres; certifiers who provide organic certification in Missouri and consumers and we are proud to have them at the Expo” said Mike Slack, event organizer.


The Preppers and Patriots Expo is a two day event from 9 am to 6 pm on Saturday
 and Sunday, August 16 and 17. Slack said “admission is $10 for the entire weekend and a few vendor tables are still available. Call 417-264-2435 or go to Preppers and Patriots Expo | 2 Days That Can Save Your Life for more information.”



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