Global Inventory Control…NAIS, ADT, but in England

For many of us who fought against the National Animal Identification system, it was apparent that the goal was total inventory control. Globally, not just in certain countries. Here is an article from England that illustrates the future of animal agriculture here in the US if we don’t stay vigilant. Please don’t buy that “we beat NAIS”, they simply changed the name and moved the penalties to the states instead of to individuals from the fed level enforcement.

Suffolk farmer fined nearly £50,000 for cattle offences

Author: Suffolk Trading Standards Published: 3rd November 2014 14:58

Suffolk farmer fined nearly £50,000 for cattle offences

Suffolk farmer, Eric Moss and his company ARP Farms Limited have been fined a total of £47,450 today for not disposing of cattle carcasses properly, and not registering the births and deaths of cattle under animal health legislation.

The offences were discovered following joint inspections last year by Suffolk Trading Standards and Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency (AHVLA) at Botany Farm, Farnham, Saxmundham.

When Trading Standards initially inspected Botany Farm, cattle corpses were found in open areas around the farm in varying stages of decay and several cattle did not have ear tags for identification.

Without cattle identification and traceability, any meat consumed cannot be traced back to its origins and therefore cannot be guaranteed to be free from diseases such as BSE.

Despite ongoing advice to Moss, from Trading Standards and AHVLA, to ensure he inspected his cattle regularly and dispose of dead cattle compliantly, more corpses were discovered on further inspections.

Eric Moss was fined £6,000 for 3 x Animal By Product offences.

ARP Farms Ltd were fined £9,600 for 3 x Animal By Product offences.

Eric Moss was fined £5600 for 2 x Cattle ID offences and sentenced to 4 weeks in prison, suspended for 12 months.

ARP Farms Ltd was fined £12,000 for 2 x Cattle ID offences.

Eric Moss was also fined £250 for a Bail Act offence for not turning up at court for a hearing in April this year.

A total of £14,000 was awarded for costs.

Today’s fines follow a previous prosecution against Moss and his business ARP Farms Ltd when he pleaded guilty to charges concerning Cattle Identification and Animal By-Product legislation in November 2011.

Councillor Colin Spence, Suffolk County Council’s cabinet member for public protection, said:
“Prosecutions such as these are rare but when a farmer has received repeated advice and warnings but has chosen to ignore animal health legislation that could potentially put animals and humans at risk to disease, Trading Standards has no option but to take robust action against them.

“The court has sent out a clear message that anyone who continues bad practices such as those carried out by Mr Moss and ARP will be dealt with severely.”

Lee Nunn, Suffolk Trading Standards Officer, said:

“The vast majority of the Suffolk farming community identify and dispose of their dead animals and take on board Trading Standards advice.  This collectively provides the public reassurance that effective animal disease control measures are in place.”

“We would encourage the public or farming community to report any instances of farm animals they have concerns about to us on 03454 04 05 06.”

Mr Moss has also pleaded not guilty to Animal Welfare allegations.  Offences include causing unnecessary suffering to cattle and his failure to provide adequate food and shelter to his cattle under Welfare of Farmed Animals regulations. A trial concerning these offences will be heard at Ipswich Magistrates Court at a later date.



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  1. Diana L Ross
    Nov 05, 2014 @ 15:10:20

    It never ends, does it, Doreen? We knew it wouldn’t go away, and it hasn’t. They are out to control every facet of human life, and they are darned near there, now
    ! IT always amazes me how many persist in keeping their heads buried in the sand…..


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