OSLU Seminar

This meeting is a perfect example of exactly what people need to be doing all across the country. Mike Slack is doing yeoman’s work on helping the community and providing solutions to the very real threats that we are contendng with in this rather Babylonian system. If you are near, I will be speaking on Sunday on hemp and it’s incredible value for our well being in many different aspects:

 Ozark Self Reliant Living University Winter Session!

HAM radio, medical emergencies, heirloom seeds and tiny houses will be on the agenda for Ozarks Self Reliant Living University’s annual preparedness seminars January 23 and 24  from  9 am to 5 pm, according to event coordinator Mike Slack.
The seminars will be held over two days, Saturday at Faith in God Church between Brandsville and Koskonong. Sunday at the Next Step 7th Day Adventist Church on Highway 63 in West Plains” Slack said.
“The event is free, with lunch provided for a small donation to save time as we  have many topics to cover” Slack said. Speakers will include Patricia Uvenges on Homesteading and Tiny Houses, Mike Knocks of the White Harvest Seed Company on GMOs and Heirloom Seeds, John Price of the West Plains HAM Radio Club on radio communications during emergencies, and registered nurse Mary Price on handling medical emergencies, as well as several other speakers.”
The annual event is free and everyone is welcome. The organizers encourage people to RSVP to help plan seating and the amount of food needed for lunch. For more information please call 417-264-2435.

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