Another Flat Out Lie? Maybe?

Alright, folks. This is a weird one, and I’m sharing it because I think it’s something that needs to be examined and cussed and discussed by people in general. Hopefully in an intelligent and civilized fashion.

A few months back, a friend that I greatly respect, asked me to check out the “Flat Earth Theory”. Really just as a matter of curiosity. I attempted to download a video on it, but the computer froze and it didn’t work, so I promptly forgot about it. Then a few weeks back, another good friend brought this up again. I thought that in about 10 minutes I could disprove the whole thing so I began to dig into it.

To cut a long story short, I can’t debunk this. I still have some questions that aren’t yet answered- if this is true- but I found it to be extremely thought provoking and thought I would share the major brain melt with others. I’m really hung up on sunrise and sunset myself. I can’t prove or disprove the flat earth theory, and I was terribly sure that it would be an easy thing to dismiss…I was wrong. Flat wrong…Here’s a 2 hour video that brings the issue into pretty clear focus.

Feel free to discuss, but I am NOT going to allow rude, mean, or vicious comments to remain. Be civil, and treat others as you would want to be treated yourself.

For your consideration, here’s a really deep rabbit hole:


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