44 Deaths from Prescription Opioid Overdose Daily

44 Deaths from Prescription Opioid Overdose Daily Posted on March 3, 2016 by Pat   Every day in the United States, 44 people die as a result of prescription opioid overdose.   Among those…

Source: 44 Deaths from Prescription Opioid Overdose Daily

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  1. InalienableWrights
    Mar 03, 2016 @ 17:54:52

    People die from pain killers while at the same time the state works to outlaw, and criminalize safe alternatives such a Kraytom, that has been used in Indonesia for over a thousand years.


    IMHO these legislator should be indicted for many crimes, murder being one of them,

    *** It is my understanding that importing of Kraytom is now prohibited by a “rule” of one of the many illegitimate federal bureaucracies, and you are taking your life in your hands to buy it now. You have no idea what you may be shipped now. Just like the Feds orchestrated things to be.


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