Computers, Compression and Confoundment

As most of my dear readers know, I very rarely speak of my personal life, problems, or day to day dramas. Many of you may have noticed that I have been rather silent as well. It sure isn’t because nothing is happening. For cryin’ out loud, you can’t turn around without running face first into a new and more egregious form of tyranny these days!

Suffice to say, my silence does not, in any way, equal consent. I’ve just been busy fighting a personal war with bulging and/or ruptured discs, and a broken down 2008 Macbook that I have replaced and repaired major issues on entirely too many times. So I gave in and went for the eugenicist’s format on the computer front. In a nut shell, those are the computer and compression problems alluded to in the title of this missive. And I have learned a lot in these two battles…and I will share what I have learned with you! Oh boy, huh?

First of all on the back issues. Let me be very clear, I do not like new and interesting pains at all. I also detest the idea of surgery and radioactive particles being shot through my person. Pain pills and anesthesia are not my idea of a good time, and I will go to great lengths to avoid those things. So, I am going to a fantastic chiropractor once or twice a week for the foreseeable future, and I have an inversion table that I use when my back isn’t in a flat out spasm from the pinched nerves at the site. Also doing yoga stretches and looking for a better computer chair that may help with the right posture to prevent further difficulties.

As for what I have learned, most of it I actually already knew. I am not designed to sit on my butt and read massive amounts of documents for hours upon hours. Yahweh made me to do some of that, but not a quarter of what I have been doing for the past decade. I was made to grow things, to create, to produce, to care for things, as well as to study. Lesson…balance, grasshopper. Solution? Six months to a year of changing behavior, posture and doing lots of physical therapy to heal it. Kind of like having a back baby, if you will. Fun? Not really, but I will heal in time.

On the computer front, to be honest, I have no idea how people can love the Bill Gates platform. It drives me crazy. Nothing is intuitive or where I expect it to be. I really do like the 15 inch screen and the speakers that you can actually hear. I also am very happy to have a free scripture study program that is super duper cool, but man, it’s more than just learning a new language. It’s closer to the old Soviet issue (which we are experiencing here in many other areas) wherein nothing works the way it should for as long as it should. Like it’s designed to frustrate people and make them just give up. I just don’t know if I can make this work for me. So I replaced the heat sink on the Macbook, hoping that would work and stop the old  girl from burning up…Guess what? It didn’t work.

And that leads to the confoundment. I know, I made that word up, but I think it fits.

Here’s the thing, things are so beyond the pale of believability on every front. The Presidential charade in both major parties, the Pope and his many insane opinions, the headlong rush to go to total surveillance and cashless society without borders, the Zika virus (or not) and on and on. It’s to the point that one must wonder what vestiges of this nation might be worth saving? The fact is, that when you read comments on articles about Lavoy Finnicum being killed and Scalia dying (with protocol being entirely ignored!) and people apparently think that it is right for the federal government to do what they want with impunity and that the rule of law and the foundations of our republic should be ignored for expediency, maybe it is time to let the whole thing fall and quit trying?

There is no accountability. There is no truthful logic. There is very little chance that we can change anything by voting when our votes don’t actually count and the “parties” (there certainly looks to be one with a heads and tails side) have made the nomination process such a blather that the only “choice” we seem to have is whether we continue to think we actually have a choice.

There are a few things that I know with certainty. One of those is that the consent of the governed is absolutely necessary for any government to stay in power. Another is that if you don’t have accurate information, you can only make inaccurate decisions. Which leads me to more confoundment.

So, on this day that we in Missouri go to the polls to “choose” who the nominees will be in the duopoly political parties, I wish I could feel really hopeful. But here is where I stand…If Trump is for real, I am concerned that the powers that shouldn’t be may actually try to kill him. I don’t really “like” the man, but one thing he has been solid on (and hasn’t flip flopped over) is how detrimental the free trade agreements are for us. I couldn’t agree more on that front. The other thing that is quite hopeful about him, is how much the establishment (elitist corporate globalist shill control freak jerks) hate him. If that is actually the case, and not some kind of spy versus spy double think paradigm, it’s a good sign.

Just to be clear, the thing that irks me the most about Cruz is that he says he is a Constitutionalist. If that were so, he wouldn’t even be running because he would have read the supporting documents to the Constitution and understood that he is NOT eligible to run for the office of President because he is not, in any way, actually a “natural born citizen”. Never mind the lying, dirty tricks and Goldman Sachs, CFR connections. Just the hypocrisy of his stand on the Constitution puts me off entirely. Reading Green Eggs and Ham on the Senate floor doesn’t trump the real issue of him being ineligible for the office.

Then on the other side of the same coin, we have someone who ought to be in prison as the premier candidate, and a nice enough guy who is not shy about about admitting he is a socialist. If I were to vote Democrat, I would vote for Bernie just because he appears to be honest and it would knock the country down economically in pretty short order.

So, I see it as a choice between having a little bit of economic hope for awhile with Trump upping the oxygen level as it were, or going with the establishment picks of Cruz, Rubio,or Clinton, having the bedridden, on life support body of America continuing to be kept on life support with no dignity or hope, simply to raise the hospital bill even higher, or pulling the plug and all the machines entirely and voting for Sanders.

Meanwhile, I really need to get $600 together to get another Mac computer. Or I think I may go crazy from frustration with the Windows format. So, continued confoundment!

May you have a blessed day!







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  1. InalienableWrights
    Mar 15, 2016 @ 21:00:34

    Take care of yourself first and foremost and thanks for sharing a bit.

    As far as computers you get used to whatever platform you are on after a while.
    Personally I have ditched the New World Order Operating systems (Apple and Windows) as much of the time as I can. There are a very few apps that I go back to windows for, but not many. Apple for the most part is for computer dummies, and it ties my hands too much.

    To get to the point – I have discovered the Linux Distribution that I have been looking for, for 20 years. Right now I am running it off of a thumb drive. I can just plug it into most any computer, and boot and run with it. It’s totally amazing! But as in everything there are a few limits to doing it this way.

    I have another solution for you D. — I would bet that it is not hard at all to run Apple inside an Oracle Virtual box on your Windows PC.

    This Windows 10 laptop I am right on, has a Linux distro on a thumb drive in the USB slot. That is what I am running right now. On the Hard drive is windows 10, which I detest, but have made it look like windows 7. On this Windows 10 machine I run the Oracle Virtual box and run WIndows 7, and 3 different linux distros. All inside of Windows 10!

    I wish I had some Apple disks because if I did I would load them up too and run them in the Virtual Box. (I also know people that put the Apple OS directly on PC hardware)

    Check out these links:

    Sorry to get so sidetracked… 😛 I am a health nut and a half also. Trying to avoid many of the degenerative things I see in people my age. Hope to see you sometime when I get back.


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