Get The Lead Out– Fluoride and Lead

Below is an excellent article from my friend, Marie Lasater. She is not only a medical professional, but an excellent researcher and talented communicator. Please share the article with others and for Missourians, pay particular attention to the last paragraph:

Get The Lead Out

By: Marie Lasater

There is a lead crisis looming in our country, and it is being fueled by the increase in water

fluoridation. I was born in Flint, Michigan and lived there until age 6. My father was from the

Appalachian Mountains of east Tennessee, and was kind of dropped off there when he got out

of the Navy. He met my mom in the boarding house grandma ran after grandfather’s death. The

problem with being born in Flint is the fact that in 1945 Grand Rapids was the first US city to add

fluoride, followed by Flint, just in time to fully fluoridate a young kid like me, and I have the

tooth fractures to prove it.

Fluoride is not naturally found in the body, and whenever you introduce an unknown quantity to

any living system, there are going to be problems. Fluoride, like lead, is a calcium imitator,

therein lays the problem. Both substances replace healthy calcium, and in the case of teeth,

fluoride causes a frequently occurring problem caused dental fluorosis. Simply put, dental

fluorosis is the replacement of calcium in your teeth by fluoride, causing cosmetic mottling, but

more importantly fluoride fracture lines. When fluoride replaces calcium, it can cause teeth to

break off, often at the gum line, and almost always on the inner aspect of the tooth that comes

in contact with fluoridated beverages.

But fluoride is much more hazardous than broken teeth. The relation of fluoride and lead is

coming to the forefront. Both fluoride and lead can cross the blood-brain barrier and produce

toxic effects on the central neural system, resulting in low learning and memory abilities,

especially in children because of their rapidly developing nervous systems. In 2012, the Harvard

School of Public Health issued a statement on “The impact of fluoridation on neurological

development in children.” Researchers found an average loss of 7 IQ points in children exposed

to fluoride from drinking water.

Water fluoridation has always been unpopular. From the very start water fluoridation has been

an unwanted intervention, and the overwhelming majority of the communities actually able to

vote against fluoridation have rejected it. Fluoridation was not established through public

referenda, but rather through executive actions by government bodies, including city councils.

And city councils have the ability to stop fluoridating your water overnight, but that is about to


Fluoride is classifed as a pharmaceutical because it is has no nutritive qualities, and is added to

the water to treat a disease (cavities). Over 97% of Western Europe has rejected fluoride as it is

considered unethical to mass medicate an entire population without the required informed

consent. While topical applications of fluoride to the teeth through toothpaste and mouthwash

have been shown to prevent tooth decay, keep in mind that these products contain

pharmaceutical grade fluoride, as opposed to industrial grade fluoride, fluorosilicic acid, that is

added to our water. Fluorosilic acid has been proven to be contaminated with arsenic, lead, and

other toxins. There is no need to ever swallow fluoride in any form, and even your tube of

toothpaste cautions you to immediately contact Poison Control if you do so.  An aanalysis of

phone calls Regarding Fluoride Exposure made to New Jersey Poison Control Center from 2010

to 2012 documented 2,476 reports of excessive fluoride exposure, with the majority of phone

calls made by mothers whose children had swallowed a fluoridated dental product. Initial

toxicity was treated by the administration of calcium as an antidote, but the long-term effects

are still not known.

The relationship between fluoride and lead has been recognized for decades. A study published

in Neurotoxicology in Dec. 2000 found that for every age and race group there was a

consistently significant elevation of fluoride-treated community water and elevated blood lead.

As far back as 1964, a pediatrics textbook noted that the incidence of lead poisoning was rising

in certain fluoridated metropolitan areas in the eastern United States. Blame was placed on

children eating lead paint, but children had been eating paint chips long before the crisis arose

in 1964. In the interim, a new source of lead was provided to children – lead contaminated

fluoridated water, also capable of leaching lead from pipes. There is also lead in brass fittings on

water supply lines, added to increase flexibility. Data collected by the Centers for Disease

Control (CDC) show that children drinking water treated with FSA and other fluorosilicate

chemicals are 20 percent more likely to have dangerous levels of lead in their blood. The CDC

has yet to warn the public about the fluoridation/lead risk, but continues to promote water


Several recent studies are examining the relation of fluoridated water and lead levels. A 2010

study in the journal Toxicology examined the fact that higher blood levels of lead have been

reported in children living in communities with fluoride-treated water. Researchers found that

fluoride consistently increases lead levels in both blood and calcified tissues, showing an

association between increased blood levels in children living in water-fluoridated areas.

In a manuscript entitles “how does fluorosilicic acid leach lead?” by Dr. Sauerhaber, he describes

the process as follows; ‘When diluted in water, fluorosilicic acid breaks down in drinking water

into fluoride ion, hydrogen fluoride, and orthosilicic acid, H4SiO4. Orthosilicic acid is classed as a

weak acid and is often dismissed as relatively harmless. Unfortunately for our health, it is able to

dissolve – slowly but surely – lead salts out of lead based pipes and fittings, especially brass.”

Call to Action

There is a very important bill currently in Senate Committee, HB1717 that requires the public

water system to notify the Department of Natural Resources and the Department of Health and

Senior Services 90 days prior to any vote to cease fluoridation. You can consider this a fluoride

protection bill, as there is no requirement to notify these entities prior to ADDING fluoride to

the drinking water, which on the face of it would be of greater concern to the DNR as

fluorosilicic acid is considered a pollutant, and companies are fined if they dump it in rivers or

streams. Somehow it is okay to add it to our drinking water, which eventually ends up in the

rivers and streams. This bill will make it almost impossible for your city council to remove

fluoride from your drinking water. I have experienced firsthand the huge resources put forth by

the government to keep fluoride in place. In order to kill this bill in the Senate Committee,

contact your State Senator, or send them a copy of this article.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dan Germouse
    Mar 18, 2016 @ 23:36:29

    Fluoride is not a calcium imitator and does not replace calcium. Lead and calcium are metals, whereas fluoride is a non-metal. Fluoride binds to calcium and other metals. Dental fluorosis is a proven toxic effect of fluoride exposure, but the mechanism which causes it is not yet known.

    I have asked many forced-fluoridation fanatics to tell me how much accumulated fluoride in the body they think is safe. So far not a single one of them has been able to answer the question.


  2. InalienableWrights
    Mar 18, 2016 @ 23:52:22

    This really hits close to home when a few years ago a hair test revealed that I have very y high levels of lead in my body. It explains the problems I had in college, and so much more that I don’t really want to get into here.

    Government IMHO is the cause of these problems, not the fracking solution!

    Asking government to solve this is like asking your rapist to to take you to the hospital. It is cognative dissonance on steroids!

    Rather than asking government for help, I think that they need to be prosecuted. We need nuremberg type trials, for these criminals. In the case of fluoridation they are at the very least guilty of medicating people without their consent, and in reality in damaging the brains of millions upon millions of children! Any city council member that has ever voted to fluoridate your water, and to medicate you without your fully informed consent needs to be prosecuted.

    I don’t know how any rational person could see this any other way.


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