March Against Monsanto- May 21st

The Annual March Against Monsanto in the Ozarks will be held in Ozark Missouri at Finley River Park, 1075 Riverside Road, 11 am May 21 according to organizer Sheree Evans.
“March Against Monsanto is a national demonstration held in hundreds of cities across the US by military veterans, organic gardeners, farmers, food freedom activists and others opposed to the practices of the Monsanto corporation relating to dangerous pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals in our food without sufficient testing or safety precautions,” said Michael Slack, one of the speakers at the event. “We have a large number of military veterans attending who have suffered  cancer and other diseases caused by Agent Orange, a Monsanto product. We also hope to bring attention to the indiscriminate use of glycophyte, known commercially as Roundup, an herbicide banned  in many other countries but used throughout the US. Recent tests show connections between glycophyte and the massive bee die offs, the rise in autism, several types of cancer and other diseases. We will also bring awareness to the use of genetically modified organisms in food production without sufficient testing and the efforts in Congress to pass the Dark Act, which would make labeling of GMO’s by state governments illegal, a clear over extension of federal power” Slack said.
According to Evans three  pavilions at the park are  reserved for event. Speakers will cover topics including organic farming and food, holistic health, nutrition, bees, and brain tumors and their connections to Agent Orange. Vendors including food vendors are welcome. There is no charge to attend or to be a vendor.  Anyone needing further information should call  417-766-5640.

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