Brain Melting CERN and D Wave Computer Interview

The melding of man and machine into a terra formed reality for a new species…And causing Mandela Effects.

This is mind melting, and mind jacking and mind blowing. Sadly, I think it is real. As I have said before, several months back I started looking into mind control very heavily and focusing particularly on DARPA/NASA/Alphabet Soup agency patents and frequency weapons. And then I found out about the “Quantum Effect” happenings.

If you will listen to this video, you will receive a tremendous education in rather complex things. For instance, these D Wave computers are now capable of operating in 2 to the 4000th power times 4096 “dimensions”. For a reference, after searching, I found that 2 to the 63rd power is 9.2 quintillion. Yes, larger than our national or even the entire earth’s debt. There is no wrapping my brain around this number. And the number that would result is likely beyond the highest that human beings have ever conceived of.

Should you be one who thinks the Mandela Effect isn’t happening, please listen to the interview.

I have a lot more that I would like to say about this, but I want people to get this. As much as possible at any rate:



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    Aug 14, 2016 @ 23:09:56

    I have a theory regarding the Mandela effect and time travel.

    Our memories are based on what we actually experienced when we experienced it.

    Time travel that would allow the changing of the physical would not change our memories.

    Because the change in the physical in a past time was relative to a point after our experiences, our memory still exist.

    Yes, they went back in time.

    But it was relative to now.

    Therefore, though the scripture phenomenon where we remember “the lion will lay down with the lamb.”

    But the scripture now reads, ‘the wolf will lay down with the lamb.”

    Our memories are not of what we now see in scripture.

    I hope this explanation is one you can comprehend. It’s the best I can do for now.

    I think a logical reason to medal with changes to scripture and other historical references is to change the perspective of history and religion from a global change.

    Just as the CIA changed the Koran about 1965 to a Talmudic incorporated version and pushed it upon an ignorant populace to create a radicalized version of Islam, so to are they changing the script of the Bible and history and though some ways are not obviously dangerous, when they can accuse you of being crazy for claiming the scripture is different than what you remember, and they can lock you away for your own good for being delusional, this is very dangerous.

    I see this as how they would force the masses to accept a new truth… their truth… or suffer the consequences.

    This is how a smaller group in control of Corporations posing as Government equipped with courts and standing army’s in every town called police will take us out one by one.

    Sadly, the population is not fully awake.

    Many in out truth movement are being eliminated or are on a short leash and as such are controlled.

    Only if we stand and shine the light of truth upon their corruption will we survive.

    Our job is to expose and overturn.

    And overturn by any means we see fit.

    Remember, we can only serve one master.

    Whose are you?

    They’re all watching.

    All who would be your master.

    And remember, this is just a test.

    But the decision you make will determine if you pass onto the next.

    Resistance is not futile.




    • The Inmates Are Running the Asylum
      Aug 24, 2016 @ 20:48:14

      Thank you for your comment MP. It does resonate with me and makes some sense. It is difficult to comprehend what is happening to our world at this juncture in time. I appreciate you sharing your perspective. Namaste.


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