HPV Vaccine Developer Says Its a Deadly Scam

If people need one more reason to be fully against forced vaccinations, this might be a help. For myself, I don’t need one more reason!

The link to source is in the headline:

Flashback: Lead HPV vaccine developer comes clean, says its a giant deadly scam

HPV vaccine

(NaturalNews) “Parents and women must know that deaths occurred,” states Dr. Diane Harper, when speaking with CBS News in 2009. Dr. Harper was a lead developer of the human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine. Once a strong believer in Gardasil and Cervarix, she was part of the team that approved the vaccines for safety and effectiveness. But now she confesses they are nothing but a deadly scam. Dr. Harper came clean at the 4th International Convergence on Vaccination in Reston, Virginia. She has been speaking out ever since about the deadly risks associated with the vaccines and the false protection they give to women.

At least 44 deaths, over 15,000 complications due to HPV vaccines

There have been 44 confirmed cases of young girls who have died due to these HPV vaccines. Some of the most disturbing adverse events associated with the vaccines include lupus, blood clots, inflammation of the brain, seizures and paralysis. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), contains 15,037 documented cases of young girls who have experienced health complications due to HPV vaccines such as Gardasil. The number of adverse events is likely much greater due to lack of awareness by medical providers and due to the hurdles that families must take to prove they were damaged by the vaccine. During the studies, children aged 15 and above were used to test out the vaccine’s effectiveness. Now the vaccine is being marketed to 9 year-olds, many of whom have reported ensuing health complication to VAERS.

HPV vaccine developer disseminates the fear surrounding HPV and cervical cancer

Dr. Harper is now trying to disseminate the fear surrounding HPV and cervical cancer. She explains that cervical cancer risk is extremely low in the US and that 90 percent of all HPV infections clear up on their own within two years. According to Dr. Harper, “About eight in every ten women who have been sexually active will have HPV at some stage of their life.” She says there are normally no symptoms with HPV and 98 percent of cases clear up on their own.

The small percentage of cases that become cancerous, that overtake the immune system, do not occur because the person failed to vaccinate. There is no data showing that Gardasil protects one from HPV beyond five years. Dr. Harper iterates that there is no way of proving that the vaccines prevent cervical cancer. Even if there was a way of proving that the vaccine worked, the vaccine makers admit that the vaccine only targets 4 strains out of 40 for a specific venereal disease that usually just dies out on its own in a short period of time.

Furthermore, women who fear they have HPV are better off just getting checked with a routine Pap smear. If there is evidence of a rare venereal disease, the patient can be treated so the condition does not develop into cervical cancer. By putting all faith in faulty HPV vaccines, young girls are literally given false protection and led down a slippery slope that encourages the very behavior that leads to sexually transmitted diseases.

To top it all off, the vaccines put women’s lives at risk due to vaccine complications that could leave them paralyzed for life. Young girls should be empowered to respect their own bodies. They should never be treated as an experimental corpse for vaccine chemicals. Women and men should be given real knowledge on prevention of disease through nutrition and be encouraged to engage in healthy relationships behaviors.


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