OSLU Seminars –January 28th and 29th


What will you do during an emergency if there is no doctor, no pharmacy or no vet for your animals?
How do you make parched corn and pemmican, the original survival foods used by Daniel Boone?
Can you improve your health with essential oils, herbs, or simply by eating the right food?
Is Solar Power right for you? What other alternative energy sources are there?
What about communications? You’ve heard about HAM radio and want to get started…
What over the counter drugs will replace your prescriptions?
Which long term storage food is really best? Freeze dried, canned, dehydrated or something else?
Come and learn with us this weekend at Ozarks Self Reliant Living University FREE Seminars  January 28 and 29
The 28th, Saturday at Sacred Heart  Catholic Church in Thayer, Missouri 
The 29th,Sunday at the Next Step 7th Day Adventist Church…

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