Missouri Couple Struggling through Medical Kidnap

Every now and then, you come across a story that is so gut wrenching that it takes time to process. This is one of those stories. And if you get through all of this without feeling seriously mind-slapped, spend some time reading the other stories on the same horrific topic. This simply has got to stop. It is abuse of “authority” that is unconscionable. Even if only half of this is true, it needs attention and the “officials” need a stern reminder that everything comes down to the consent of the governed. Hat tip to Inalienable Wrights for this…

Here’s the story, with the link in the headline. This is only an excerpt. I encourage you to visit the site:

Husband of Retired Missouri Couple Medically Kidnapped – Estate Plundered to Pay for Unwanted Medical Confinement


Helen with husband Charley Taylor. They want to be together again and have their lives back. Source: Taylor family.

by Health Impact News/MedicalKidnap.com Staff

Last November marks the beginning of the fourth year that 70 year old Charley Taylor of Missouri has been held by Morgan County in a nursing home against his will, after a trip to the emergency room turned into a permanent medical confinement.

Although he has doctors who have stated that he is competent and of sound mind, and although his wife Helen had power of attorney to make decisions for him if he was medically not capable, a state-appointed conservator has been appointed to him by the court to make all decisions, even against his own wishes and the wishes of his wife.

Meanwhile his wife Helen, who has been fighting for her husband’s freedom, has also been battling against false accusations herself.  She has been sent to jail based on false charges and later released due to lack of evidence, kidnapped and confined to a mental hospital until a doctor determined that there was nothing wrong with her, and has been evaluated five times to prove her own competency. She told Health Impact News:

We were financially set for the rest of our lives after 40 years of marriage until I called 911. Our lives have been destroyed and I am told everything to do when I see him.

If this is justice, I don’t need it.  We want to be together.  He is 70 years old, and I am 67.

I have never had but a speeding ticket in my life until the county took him from me.  Since then, I have been labeled a thief, a person that blows up nursing homes, called in to take a lie detector for abusing animals.  The county just won’t stop with the things they accuse me of.  I was a grandmother of 13.  Now, I am a homeless woman that lives in an apartment across the street from my husband in a nursing home.  Oh, I forgot, an abuser of my husband.  No charges after 719 days in court. No witnesses.  I can’t believe what a crooked county can do to people.

Helen younger_via_Helen

Helen Taylor in her younger days. Source: Taylor family.

Helen and Charley worked hard for many years for everything that they owned—sometimes working several jobs in addition to their full-time jobs.  Helen said, “I’ve worked all my life.”  From 1979 to 2005 she was a field representative and managed doctors in medical facilities.  She was so good at it that, she was sent across the country to open new facilities and train personnel.  Additionally, Helen was also a mayor for two years in the town of Barnett, while also working a full-time job that required frequent travel, as well as a holding a municipal judge’s license.

The county has been depleting Helen and Charles’s joint properties.  Helen refuses to part with any more.  She said, “They are telling me to sell and they can split the money.”….(Medical Kidnap site link…)



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  1. InalienableWrightsi
    Feb 16, 2017 @ 18:42:47

    Things like this happen all of the damn time. The thing is the bought, and paid for rags that call themselves “newspapers” don’t report it. And the dumbed down, government schooled masses are too brain dead to see it.


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