Mandela Effect-Quantum Effect Definite Residual on Lion and Lamb

Last May, I learned about what has sadly been dubbed “The Mandela Effect”. It really goes way past Mandela and can be a bit frightening when something that you have learned and memorized has changed and now….never existed. And I prefer to call it the “Quantum Effect”.

People seem to really want to think that there has been a time line shift, or parallel universe merger, kinda like Bayer and Monsanto maybe. But the truth is that there are entirely too many things that have not been edited to prove that we have NOT changed dimensions. Had we changed dimensions, there would not be residual evidence existent as I am going to show you.

One of the big quantum effects is that in all versions of the Bible, Isaiah 11:6 has supplanted the Lion with the wolf. In a previous article on this effect, I showed a statue with the verse as those who get the effect recall it. Now here is another big proof that the words, on the paper, on your shelf, have been changed….

Herbert W. Armstrong and The Ambassador College are the residual in this case. Say what you want about Armstrong, he was a man with failings like every other man, but I have been able to screen shot things from his ministry proving the “Lion shall dwell with the lamb”.¬† I will provide the links, but the lady that alerted me to this has already had one link disappear, so I am not responsible for things not linking through for you.

First up, is the trademark for Ambassador College:

Screenshot below

This is from Justia Trademarks

And then, in Herbert Armstrong’s autobiography, there is a story about doing an intro for their television show illustrating this scripture. Here is a screenshot of that story and below it is a link to the page:

Here is the link to his autobiography: Herbert Armstrong

One must ask, if the scripture always read “wolf” as it now does, why wouldn’t he have procured a wolf instead of a lion? Why is this such an ingrained icon in many believer’s minds? People have memorized this verse for hundreds of years, and now, all of a sudden, they all did it wrong. What is this? Common Core scripture memorization?

I submit that this is residual evidence that our world is being edited and jacked with so that people can be persuaded to believe Google is God. I believe it is an idol to many.

And for those who are frightened by this, I have a scripture for you that has not yet been messed up…1st Timothy 1:7:

7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

So do not fear. And do study scripture. There may come a time when it is all entirely messed up.




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