North Dakota Hemp Growers Bitten By Drought and Market Controls

If you will go and read the entire article on the site, you will have a pretty thorough idea of why the regulatory processes kill entrepreneurs and small business in general. It goes well beyond the issue of cannabis and carries over to nearly every endeavor known to man.

Here’s the thing, the ONLY legitimate function of government is to protect your rights. This does indeed include when another person or entity is impeding your rights. You have the right to profit from your labor. Otherwise, there is no reason to engage in labor. There are legitimate laws that have been passed and are never enforced against monopolies and too heavy of consolidation in sectors of the economy. The consolidation laws are anti-trust/anti-competition laws. Those are not enforced….Grr.

A point I would like to make regarding the farmer not being able to sell the stalks of his hemp is that if it were chopped or shredded, it could be made into silage for cattle. It doesn’t just have to go for nothing because there is no hemp fiber processor in North Dakota.

Anyway, here is the article that prompted my little rant above:

Hemp hopes dashed: Drought, market forces work against hemp farmers this year

excerpt of about 1/4 of the article

No free market

Since it is listed as a Schedule 1 substance, industrial hemp comes with a lot of rules that other crops don’t have.

Industrial hemp can’t just be harvested and taken to a grain elevator to search out the best price. It must be sold within the state, and right now, North Dakota has just one buyer.

That individual is on the east side of the state and interested only in buying the seed for food-grade oil.

There are other potentially lucrative products for hemp. The stalks can be harvested for use in textiles. But there’s no processor in North Dakota to buy it for that.

So the stalks, which might have been a secondary crop to boost Fischer’s bottom line, will likely be wasted. Fischer isn’t even certain whether the rules would allow it to be used for cattle bedding.

The prices for Fischer’s crop came out a few weeks before Fischer harvested it. They were disappointing, particularly compared to last year.

“I can’t believe the price they came out with,” Fischer said. “It’s less than half of last year.”

The problem, Fischer said he was told, is that China is importing a lot of hemp, and that’s driven market prices down. But Fischer believes that 3,000 acres was simply too much for North Dakota’s tiny, one-company market.


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  1. InalienableWrights
    Oct 18, 2017 @ 18:41:11

    I could respond on a lot of different fronts….. but I will try to limit my response to “monopolies”.

    Like many Americans I don’t think you have thought your support of anti-trust laws thoroughly through:

    What ever company that is being accused of being a “monopoly” is usually just following the law. (if they are not, then charge then with something [antitrust laws are not legitimate law IMHO] ) The ONLY real monopolies are government itself, (the pot calling the kettle black?) and ones that the government creates. BUT these elephants in the living room are never discussed. The sheep’s Overton Window is very narrow….

    Instead we will accuse a company, let’s use Amazon as an example, of being a monopoly. And the government is going to ride to the rescue and solve the so called problem. Amazon however is not the problem at all. The problem is laws that create an unlevel playing field for smaller companies. the real problem is that government is not writing laws that protect our rights (and you do have a right to run a monopoly if you do it without government granting you special rights – in that case the so called monopoly is just the free market will of your customers)

    What we are advocating when we want to enforce “anti-trust ” laws are usually very clear examples of government NOT protecting our rights but rather trampling them.
    To make myself clear, those supporting anti-trust laws are the usurpers of our rights. Which is what government wants to do in the first place.

    We need to think for a change, rather than ranting with the Hegelian Dialect response that the deep state conveniently has planted into your brain. this antitrust response is EXACTLY what the government wanted you to do.

    It will make sure that the cause of the problem is never brought to light much less solved.

    Thanks for listening


    • truthfarmer
      Oct 19, 2017 @ 15:06:56

      Well, we disagree, Joe.

      The government is SUPPOSED to protect individual rights, not corporate or company rights. The anti-trust monopoly laws are specifically constructed to protect individual rights. However, they are not enforced. Hardly ever. I can’t think of the last time the anti-trust acts were enforced.

      You might want to do some serious research into the issue. Mercantilism is the construct for serfdom, and we are largely there already. Consolidation, and lack of competition destroys individually owned business.


      • MFP
        Oct 19, 2017 @ 23:24:08

        ALL rights are founded in property i.e. my body, my car,or my business.

        The way that my possessions are structured is irrelevant to a discussion on property rights……
        It matters not if my property is in a trust, a partnership an LLC, a corporation, or any other vehicle. Do I somehow lose my property rights when I transfer that property to a corporation?

        I can not wrap my head around how many people are falling for the “war on corporations.” As usual there is a cadre is “useful idiots”, that don’t see the agenda, and what they are being distracted from. And that is the core principle of property rights. Something the government seems to always avoid getting right, because they are scared to death that the American people will some day discover that they possess property rights. Something that I don’t think the vast majority really understands. If they did we sure as heck would not have a property tax.

        But since they do not understand this, we have the tyranny of the majority…as we do on most things. A hollow reminder of the Republic that we were promised.

      • truthfarmer
        Oct 20, 2017 @ 05:58:19

        In the united States, up until sometime in the early 20th century IIRC, corporations were granted existence for a term after they demonstrated a significant public good. To continue as a corporation after the allotted time, they had to re-apply and demonstrate the public benefit again.

        Corporations, even LLC’s, are usually formed to protect the PRIVATE property of those forming the corporation from being taken if the corporation should fail. They are a shield. NOT a human being. As a =fictitious= entity, they have no inalienable rights. They cannot bear arms, assemble, express their perspective on religion, build a house, travel in a car, or anything else that you and I can do in the physical. They are not human beings, and have no natural rights.

        There isn’t an inherent problem with the existence of corporations, but there is a definitive problem with too much concentration and consolidation of fewer and fewer business entities having control of important parts of our economic sector. As it is now, one corporation, like Walmart, or Amazon, could be the controlling factor on every thing we can grow, make, and create for sale, thereby controlling our ability to profit from our labor. And corporations also cannot sweat, Joe. They are entirely fictitious entities.

        I’m a bit amazed that you cannot see the problems engendered by the concentration and consolidation of power in the hands of very few corporations.

  2. MFP
    Oct 18, 2017 @ 18:48:01

    There is the FACT that the NSA seeded Amazon with $600 million dollars to spy on us. This is a clear governmental violation of the 4th and 5th amendments. Where is the prosecution of the NSA rather than the diversion of blaming Amazon?

    Amazon is getting better shipping rates from the USPS than the competition. Where are the congressional hearings on the criminal screw ups of the USPS?

    Nope Amazon not government being the bad guy is the narrative that is being played. Reality and facts be damned…..


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  4. steve
    Oct 22, 2017 @ 01:03:49

    3000 acres is nothing! Can’t process the hemp from 3000 acres, that must be a lie… or a misrepresentation, hemp is the most versatile natural product known… nobody wants to make money from processing ND hemp? Give it time

    Henry Ford proved hemp was better for car body panels than fiberglass or metal decades ago, there are people controlling us in many sickening ways, no pun meant. We must stand up, I love stopping in to this site to see real facts involving people that matter, the midwest. We know the coasts are ruint but we can fight for what we have. right?



  5. steve
    Oct 22, 2017 @ 22:11:35

    Hello ma’am, I saw your reply to my comments on your website regarding cannabis in my email. I tried to respond via gmail but somehow I erased your email address. No problem I know you want the truth and I will answer your questions regarding cannabis legalization in our great state of Missoura

    New Approach Missouri is not just in Missouri, there are and have been several “New Approach” petitions in many states, all put forth by the same rich interests that seek to capture the emerging cannabis industry. These are paid petitioneers collecting signatures for a law that is over 12 pages long. If you see the MMLM petition is simple, it is fully legal for anyone over 21, as it should be, no plant should ever be illegal.

    Cannabis saved my life and I used it for my whole life before I ever realized I had Lyme disease. This simple fact is the reason cannabis should be available for everyone to try, because you might be curing diseases you don’t realize you even have.

    If you are interested, there is a book I bought and read written by Shelley White about how cannabis cures lyme disese. I don’t have to tell you about how saying you have a cure for a disease will get big pharma and the fed gov on ya, and you will lose…..

    This is why I respect you so much and love you site. I am a real person, fighting lyme and agree with your whole site. If you ever wanna visit, I live in south KCMO.

    I am proud to see you have General Hydroponics as a sponsor! Not that any big company is good, but GH is better than most imho.

    YOU go girl ! You remind me of some songs I hear on 1030 AM.

    love ya



  6. steve
    Oct 22, 2017 @ 23:02:49

    I am sorry ma’am, I am so focused on the subject of cannabis medicine, that I forgot you asked “who” is responsible. It is NORML first off, NORMAL has been a group of lawyers since the 70s that fakely support full legalization. In Missouri they have mega funding from huge companies to go out and collect signatures. Now and in 2016 and even 2014… Who is paying for this signature collection and why?

    NORMAL has long been bought-out by monied interests. These terrible creatures care not about cannabis for the people but only cannabis for profit.

    Missouri obviously has a huge alcohol lobby that is fighting any sort of cannabis normalcy,

    MMLM is grass roots, no 14 pages of rules specifically written by lawyers to make rich people richer. MMLM wants to make cannabis fully legal for everyone equally. MMLM is the only real cannabis petition to support.

    I am so grateful for your searching and finding the truth…. i supported New Approach before I learned the sickening truth about them. This is happening in many states, they are fooling the voters into putting BS into STATE CONSTITUTIONS as it would be in Missouri.

    If New Approach makes it on the ballot in 2018, it will pass, then this is permanently IN OUR CONSTITUTION. This is why we shouldn’t let money and businesses add more laws to our missouri state constitution. It is hard to amend something once it is in the state constitution.

    To make it simple…. If a state marijuana law does not allow for home, individual growing….. it is a TRAP.


    Do not get impatient or greedy! …..Yea like me saying that is gonna work.

    If I didn’t explain things enough, see the link at


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