SarsCov2, Covid 19, Corona Virus IS Indeed Pandemic

I’ve been on this since about January 20th. I am well aware that there is a massive normalcy bias, a strong desire to think this is all just a scam, and a definitive need for reasonable and logical preparation as well.

Certainly the powers that shouldn’t be will use this in order to continue with their nefarious plans, but that doesn’t mean that there is actually no threat to the health and well being of you and your loved ones with this virus.

This is legit. It is NOT due to 5G, although 5G can certainly exacerbate the progression and likely the severity of this pathogen.

Due to two patents for this, one in China and one in the US, and the confirmation of the engineering of the virus from an Indian University, I am convinced that this is indeed a bioweapon, and there are several theories about how it may have been launched in Wuhan. Some say it was at the International Military games. Some say it was intentionally released from the Wuhan Level 4 biolab. Then there is also the chance that it was a person working for the biolab that sold a test animal into the meat market and that is the point of origin of the infections.

We may never know. It is indeed now out and mutating into at minimum 2 distinct legs, one being S, presumed to be the less lethal strain, and the other being L, with higher aggressive manifestation and presumably higher lethality.

This is not a thing that should be politicized, nor should it be a polarizing topic among people.

Here are a few facts that apply whether it is the L or the S strain that is besetting this nation.

First, and most importantly, the virus is spread by completely asymptomatic people. It can cause symptoms on day one, but it can also incubate at least up to 28 days before causing symptoms. So 14 day quarantines are not effective. The average time from exposure to shedding is 5 days, and the average time from exposure to being symptomatic is 14 days. Average doesn’t mean always. And it is indeed transmitted via aerosol methods. That means it is airborne via breathing, not just droplet born, as in a direct sneeze or cough with saliva. A minimum of 6 feet is needed between people to mitigate this kind of spread. Anyone not feeling well should wear a mask to help others mitigate exposure.

I’m going to leave a video here for you, but before you watch it, there are numerous things you can do to help you and your family. Liposomal vitamin C, D3 and K2, chaga mushroom, oil of oregano, any number of plant and herbal antivirals will help. Also drinking baking soda water will help. Stop gathering in large groups, stop going out unless you absolutely need to go out. Take your kids out of school if you haven’t already. Yes, I know that is nearly impossible. But while children seem to far quite well under this virus, they also shed it quite well, too.

This is not a “hoax”. There may be hoaxing on the blame game, but the virus itself is not a hoax at all.

And I must recommend a man named Chris Martenson from Peak Prosperity. His videos are excellent and highly informative. He does not get hyperbolic but is very fact oriented. Here is a link to his channel:


Now, be safe and do what you can to protect you and yours. Shalom.



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