Food Control

Everyone is involved in agriculture because we all eat. There is a very advanced and dangerous move to control every aspect of the food chain. I began my journey into complete control of the food supply when I attended a meeting regarding the “new animal id program”  held by our State Vet at a sale barn…This was about NAIS (the National Animal Identification System) and no one was happy about it. I asked a few questions and then made a statement. That statement was “It sounds like you just want to have complete control of the food supply.”  He replied, “We already do.”

The plans are beyond Orwellian, the methods are ‘legal’, and the dangers are extreme, but we can do something about it. No matter who the tyrant is, it always comes down to consent of the governed. We can make a difference. We can redeem the time.


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  1. Tom Gibson
    Dec 22, 2010 @ 11:36:45

    You going to set up RSS on the wordpress blog?


  2. Jay C
    Jan 10, 2011 @ 10:18:09

    Sorry about the off-topic comment. Do you have contact information for Doug Simons?


  3. David
    Aug 09, 2011 @ 22:34:34

    Don’t know if you take checks instead of paypal for donations to support you for your work? Its not much, but I don’t like doing electronic funds transfers if I can avoid it. I don’t like giving any of money to people like paypal. If you do or don’t for whatever reason (no need to explain), let me know either way.


    • truthfarmer
      Aug 10, 2011 @ 06:11:33

      Hi David! Honestly, I never wanted a Paypal account, but many people said they preferred the relative ease and convenience of it, so my husband finally set one up! To answer your question, yes, you can send a check or money order if you prefer. Any gift is terrifically appreciated! Our mailing address is: 11880 Hillside Rd. Mtn Grove, Missouri 65711. Thank you! and be Blessed!


      • Rae
        Jun 19, 2020 @ 00:44:58

        Hi Truthfarmer, thank you for all helpful things on this site (found it via reading up on the Biblical changes that have been happening…)! I wanted to be helpful in return by pointing out that one of these comments from 9 years ago has your address in full, which in these polarized times might be a bit risky? Just mentioning since not sure if you knew (9 years is a long while!). Have a great weekend and keep up the truth yields!

  4. Marilyn B.
    Aug 18, 2011 @ 16:07:31

    How? How the heck are we supposed to redeem the time?
    I have been hearing about this issue for a while now, and was appalled when the Food Safety Act was passed, but feel so completely powerless and without direction.

    What do we do?


    • truthfarmer
      Aug 18, 2011 @ 16:26:13

      Hey there…..We have to get control of our counties, and our towns and our Sheriff’s and most importantly, ourselves and stand on our rights. We must push the jurisdictional issue to the nth degree. We also have got to accept that there is a war against food and our ability to grow and share it, and actively encourage and engage in the trade ourselves.

      So is it bad out there? Yes. But it still comes down to the consent of the governed.

      Thanks for caring, and thanks for standing.


  5. mike li vecche junior
    Dec 12, 2011 @ 21:16:38

    Keep in mind the high court just made a ruling in Rod Class v. North Carolina confirming with certified docs that all these agencies are PRIVATE and not part of Government. Therefore, they have no jurisdiction to do what they are doing as they are all listed on Dunn and Bradstreet as private corporations for profit. Can GM, McDonalds, Walmart or Ford make laws to control you? Heck NO! They must be sued privately and that is what Rod Class is now teaching us to do. Even the police are are private and not Government. So are the FEDS, DOT,FDA, EPA, IRS, AND THE LIKE. all PRIVATE! Check out Rod, Youtube Rod Class, or go to his TALKSHOE programs, type in AIB RADIO or County Assembly and it will take you to it. God Bless You and don’t stop.
    mike from western new-york


    • truthfarmer
      Jan 09, 2012 @ 11:04:54

      Thank you. I have a very good friend who is simply phenomenal at reading cases. I will look at it for myself and then send it on to him. Be blessed!



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