Great News for Arkansas!

It’s wonderful! Arkansans now have the right to drink milk!!! They’ve been able to get limited amounts of goat milk for a long time, but now it’s opened up to cows as well. Good job to all those activists in Arkansas that worked getting this bill through!

Raw Milk Bill Moves Forward In Arkansas

APRIL 14, 2013


raw milkHis office in Little Rock is putting out the word that Gov. Mike Beebee will sign House Bill (HB) 1536, allowing the “incidental sale” of raw milk in Arkansas.

The Arkansas raw milk bill, once thought to be dead, was resurrected for two quick floor votes that by Thursday had put it on Beebee’s desk for signature. Until now, Arkansas banned sales of raw milk in the state. It only allow farms to sell up to 100 gallons of unpasteurized goat’s milk each month.

HB 1536 is patterned after existing state law in that it allows only on-farm sales of up to 500 gallons of raw milk each month. These are referred to as “incidental sales.”

Under HB 1536, “whole milk” is defined as an unpasteurized product produced on an Arkansas farm. The bill dictates that the “whole milk” should come from “healthy cows, properly fed and kept” that produce a proper mix of butterfat and non-fat solids.(full article here)