For the Victims of Harvey

So we have all been inundated with the horror that is Harvey.

We have extended family that is seriously affected by this, and praise YHVH that our adult children left Houston at our impassioned request before it hit. But the stories coming through are beyond heartbreaking. And eyes on the ground verify that they are not “fake news”. The death toll from this is going to be devastating, and the property and livelihood destruction is going to far surpass Katrina.

Rockport, the most affected by the actual hurricane, is getting virtually no reporting even though the town was destroyed. The flooding elsewhere is beyond catastrophic and it isn’t over yet.

Addicks and Barker dams may very well fail. According to a 2009 ACE (Army Corps of Engineers) report, these two dams are in the top ten of dangerous dams in the US. Hoping it doesn’t collapse. It’s well beyond capacity, and the ACE projections of death if it did collapse is between 6500 and 6900. We don’t want that. Not at all.

Trying to find some way to help, we thought we would donate to the Cajun Navy. But they are not set up to handle the office side of donations. So we opted for JJ Watts’ fund to help the victims of Harvey.


The Red Cross is a bunch of crap. Humane Society??? Not! ASPCA???? Not on your life. Samaritan’s Purse is a good one. But we decided to donate to JJ Watts’ fund as we know he doesn’t need the money and did this purely to help.


Here is the link if you car to donate there:


I am certain that there are other good places to send monetary support to regarding the impact of Harvey, but I wanted to share with you what our decision was for this event. I hope it is the best and the correct decision.


Our hearts are broken over the devastation. We are thankful that the Trump administration is as proactive as they can be.

Prayers and love to all our Texas brothers and sisters. May you find peace in the midst of trials and tribulations.