Paul Stamets interview with Joe Rogan- Reversing Colony Collapse Disorder

I’m one of those people that is simply crazy about mushrooms. I love them, and would eat them in place of meat without any hesitation or feeling like I was missing out on anything. To me, I have no idea how anyone could not like mushrooms. It’s like not liking chocolate, or air, or cheesecake.

There are tons of studies on how helpful medicinal mushrooms are for people in fighting viruses, cancer, improving immune function, regenerating brain function, and on and on. There are just stupendous amounts of benefits to a great variety of mushrooms.

If you’ve ever looked into mushrooms at all, you are probably familiar with the name Paul Stamets.¬† He’s an incredibly articulate mycologist. He’s also apparently a devout evolutionist, which I take issue with, but despite that, he is interesting and affable. Recently, he did an interview with Joe Rogan, an alternative news/lifestyle guy. I really don’t know much about Rogan, to be honest. But the interview is just loaded with fantastic information, especially on how to reverse Colony Collapse Disorder with¬† a particular species of fungi!

Also, you should know that Stamets speaks candidly about his experiences with magic mushrooms, and definitely advocates for more scientific studies to be done on them. But what really grabbed a hold of me, is the potential to reverse the very dangerous problem of colony collapse. I want to share this interview with as many people as possible so that perhaps action can be taken to get this reversal process going.

The video is over 2 hours long, and you don’t really need to watch it but to listen to the information.

Let me know what you think after you’ve heard it. I’m just stunned. And also a little concerned about one my most loved mushrooms, portobello…